Tebichi and Okinawa soba are delicious Izumi-shokudo, rich in menu lots of volume and cheap

Traditional Okinawan cuisine “Tebichi” and Okinawa soba are also delicious, a long-established restaurant loved by local people in Kin-cho and Umami City. That is “Izumi-shokudo”. There are plenty of menus and lots volumes and cheap. That is why it has long been loved by local people. It is crowded with locals on weekdays and holidays. I will introduce such Izumi-shokudo on this page.

Izumi-shokudo is located along National Route 329. In the past it seemed to be near Machiguwa (meaning of market in Okinawa dialect) of Uruma City Ishikawa , but it was relocating to Kin town unknown. Since old times Tebichi and Okinawa soba have been reputed as delicious, it is still crowded with local people. I entered the restaurant around 2 o’clock on weekdays, but still seats about seventy percent were filled with locals.

Izumi-shokudo interior photo 1

Izumi-shokudo interior photo 1

The menu looks something like this. Many set meals, the highest menu is Tebichi set 880 yen. I was a bit strange with Okinawa soba and Tebichi set this time, but I decided on “Soba set meal B” (800 yen) so that I can eat Soki soba because I was hungry.

Izumi-shokudo menu picture

As expected it is a set meal Izumi-shokudo. Served with Soki soba and full rice, attached to ginger pig, chicken barbarian, chicken cutlet, omelette and potato fried for 800 yen! So I was full of stomach. Soki soba soup is also rich and delicious. Cartilage soki was quite soft and easy to eat. I understand well the reason why many local Ojii (Grand papa) and Oba (Grand mama) has been visiting. Meat is soft and easy to eat.

“Ko-re-gusu” put on okinawa soba is handmade, but as expected it is feeling like an old-fashioned dining room. Handwritten “こーれーぐす” was a bit funny (laugh). “Ko-re-gusu” which was made by island peppers immersed in awamori as it is. When it is brought to Okinawa soba, it will have a different flavor. The meaning of Ko-re is Goryeo, Gusu is medicine. Take medicinal seasoning soaked island peppers in awamori. It is horrible in the old days. . . .

Ko-re-gusu of Izumi-shokudo

Izumi-shokudo infomation
Izumi-shokudo which is loved by local people in Kin-cho and Uruma-shi long time. There are plenty of menus and volumes are perfect and cheap. If you drive along the East coast line, it is the perfect dining room for lunch. Behind the Izumi-shokudo there is a beautiful oceanic ocean. Unfortunately this day was cloudy, but if the weather is good, a beautiful blue sea is in front of you. Unfortunately, I did not eat Tebichi this time, but I definitely want to eat next time.

Landscape sea picture of Izumi-shokudo

  • Address :
    904-1203 Yaka 2330−16 Kin townOkinawa, Japan
  • Parking lot : There is a parking space around the shop. Holiday is quite crowded
  • Phone nuber : 098-965-4750
  • 11:00-21:00
  • Holiday : Monday
  • Price:500 yen ~ 880 yen

Izumi-shokudo is here ↓

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