“Inaka” you can eat traditional Okinawa soba near Makishi public market

Makishi public market that has continued to support the stomach of Naha citizen since the burning of Okinawa after the World War 2. It is now also a classic tourist spot. When entering the back of such Makishi public market, there are many back streets where plenty of downtown atmosphere remained. In such a back street, a soba restaurant where you can eat tasty old Okinawa soba is introduced today Inaka. The taste of Soki soba, the price and the atmosphere of the shop has not changed for more than 30 years, and continues to deliver delicious Okinawa soba.

The Inaka is behind the Makishi public market. There are a lot of standing drinking Izakaya in the surroundings, and men who drink beer from lunch are also pretty. I was a little envious. . . The inside of the Inaka is nostalgic, the atmosphere of the soba shop in Okinawa.

Inside shop of Inaka

The menu looks something like this. Sorry, I got a slight camera shake.

The menu of Inaka

Recommended Soki soba is 390yen! There are not many soba restaurants where you can eat Soki soba at such a cheap price. Just at the day I was hungry so I ordered Soki soba (large). Since the charge is a prepayment system, I paid as soon as I place an order.

When ordering, Soki soba (large) arrived at once. Noodles volume were considerable and 4 soki. I can not believe this to be 650 yen. The soup is very simple and matches well with the straight noodle, and the soki is simmered until it becomes a trout, it is easy to eat and tasty. You can see why local grandmothers frequently visit the shop and eat Soki soba. It is nice old eatable delicious Soki soba.

Soki soba (large) of Inaka

About Inaka
Okinawa soba restaurant behind the Makishi public market in Naha, Inaka. It is a well-established soba shop that has continued to offer delicious Okinawa soba at a price that does not change from more than 30 years ago. If you come to Makishi public market, please go to the Inaka by all means. There are many standing drink Izakaya around the shops, but it is also fun with the atmosphere of downtown Okinawa. There are many Izakaya that you can drink from noon. There are many Senbero Izakaya with 1,000 yen for 3 beer and ChuHai tablespoons and knobs set. In front of the Inaka there is a standing drink Izakaya like this.

standing drink Izakaya

It is a bar city, but there is Okinawa. Local elder lady, men and elementary school students are walking from usual. Even tourists with children can walk with confidence. It is fun to take a walk, so please come and visit this area if you come to the Makishi public market.

  • Address:
    900-0031 2-10-20 Matsuo, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open:10:00-19:00
  • Telephone:090-9786-0501
  • Holiday: None
  • Car parking: None, please use nearby coin parking
  • Price: 300 yen ~ 650 yen

Inaka is here ↓

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