Fu Chanpuru and Okinawa soba are also cheap and good restaurant, Ikeda shokudou in Yonabaru town

There are really a lot of classic Okinawan cuisines such as FuChanpuru and Okinawa soba. Would you like to try Okinawan cuisine, which is usually eaten by local people, for tourists coming from outside Okinawa Prefecture? Such routine Okinawan cuisine such as Fu Champloo or Okinawa soba is good, and A cheaply eatery cafeteria is located in Yonabaru Town Ikeda shokudou. Ikeda shokudou is a popular dining hall loved by many of the locals. It is a popular cafeteria crowded with locals at lunch and dinner. This time I will introduce Ikeda shokudou.

Ikeda shokudou is located in Agarihama in Yonabaru Town. The sign on the photo above is a landmark. As soon as entering the restaurant there is a ticket machine in front of you. Buy a ticket and give it to a clerk, the order is OK. Since the menu table with photos is also pasted, I think that it is easy to understand the tourists from overseas.

a ticket machine

The interior of the Ikeda shokudou is like this. There are many localities, such as men at work and the family. This is a mass eatery.

The interior of the Ikeda shokudou 2

The interior of the Ikeda shokudou 1

Since I came with my child on this day, I ordered Fu Chanpuru food set (650 yen) and chicken deep-fried set meal with Okinawa soba (780 yen). When waiting a bit, two set meals came. I was also happy as soon as possible to serve meals. This volume at this price. Cheap and full volume is the attraction of Okinawa’s cafeteria.

Fu Chanpuru food set

chicken deep-fried set meal with Okinawa soba

Fu Chanpuru of Ikeda shokudou is exactly a classic Okinawan food that has been introduced even in Okinawa’s local TV program. It is a taste of Fu Champuru with a classic Okinawa. It is Fu Champuru with faithful to the basic that does not disappoint. It is a nostalgic and relaxing taste like Mom made. I also had a good dinner.

Okinawa soba is a classic flavor that is nostalgic and easy to eat. They are committed to old-fashioned pig bone soup, bringing the depth of taste with several kinds of mushrooms and bonito. It will not disappoint you. I understood the reason why it is loved by a lot of locals.

Tuna roast meat set meal

And, when speaking of Ikeba shokudou, it is a famous “Tuna roast meat set meal” (650 yen). Tuna seasoned like grilled meat was fine and it went well with rice. It had a texture and seasoning like beef, but the aftertaste was firmly tuna. It was a taste satisfying both fish lovers and meat lovers. I was satisfied with my stomach.

Ikeda shokudou restaurant information
Fu Chanpuru and Okinawa soba, the classic Okinawa cuisine is cheap, well served eating hall with plenty of volume, Ikeda shokudou. Most of the customers are local people, and it is transmitted that the Ikeda shokudou is loved for a long time. If you come to Okinawa sightseeing and want to eat the same dish as local people, Ikeda shokudou is recommended. It is cheap and you will be satisfied with your stomach.

  • Address:
    901-1304 Agarihama 95‐4, Yonabaru town, Okinawa
  • Open 10:00-21:00
  • Telephone: 098-944-0999
  • Closed: Tuesday
  • Car parking: There is a parking lot in front of the store
  • Price: 500 yen ~ 1,000 yen

Ikeda shokudou is here ↓

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