Ie beef direct selling shop you can easily eat the illusion of Ie beef! Beef soup and steak don bow are good!

The meat lovers it is Uchina-nanchu (Okinawa people)! Okinawa people do like not only pork. We also like beef. There are customs in Okinawa to eat a variety of meat such as Soki soba (pork), Hiijar (goat), Ahiraa soup (duck). It is such meat, but beef is the best, is not it? In Okinawa it is called Gyuujiru (beef soup), there is a unique soup with plenty of beef. “Ie beef direct selling shop” that Beef soup of Okinawa prefecture brand beef “Ie beef” can be easily eaten in Itoman City. As the name suggests, it is a directly managed shop which they go to processing and sales from Ie cattle’s stock raising company in-house. Since it is a directly managed store, we can eat Ie beef cheaply and deliciously.

The Ie beef direct selling shop is located in Nishizaki Itoman city. There is Itoman Farmers’ Market nearby, so you can also buy delicious beef on the way home after you bought fresh vegetables and fish. The interior is like this. It is the atmosphere of a direct shop of beef, but there is a table and space to eat.]

The interior of Ie beef direct selling shop

Of course, it is a direct shop so you can buy Ie beef cheaply. It is truly a direct shop that there are various parts of meat.

there are various parts of meat

This is the menu of Ie beef direct selling shop. First of all it is “Beef soup food set”. Okinawa’s hidden soul food Beef soup (Gyuujiru). I was looking forward to Beef soup of visionary Ie cattle.

Beef soup food set

This is Beef soup of Ie cattle. The soup looks a bit red. It seems that it looks red because it is cooked with plenty of red meat of fresh Ie beef. It is truly a direct shop of Ie beef. First of all I ate it from the meat. Red meat was quite soft and very tasty. Meat stewed for more than 1 day was very soft and I felt the taste of beef tightly. Next is soup. Here too, the umami of beef bleeds out richly, just beef soup! It is exquisite! The ingredients are simply beef and winter melon only. Plenty of meat, plenty of stomach became full. Exquisite beef soup because it uses fresh beef. It is recommended for beef lover.

On another day I went to eat Steak rice bowl set meal.

Steak rice bowl set meal

Steak don bowl with plenty of meat. A sweet sauce and meat often matched rice. I could go on eating on and on and on. Meat was thick, but soft, as expected Ie beef! It was a satisfactory steak rice bowl.

Ie cattle of the phantom is available cheaply, Ie beef direct selling shop
Ie beef direct selling shop which we can eat Okinawa’s brand beef, Ie beef cheaply and deliciously. Since they do from livestock production to processing and sales at their company, we can enjoy safe and secure brand beef at reasonable price. The reddish colored beef soup is exquisite. If you want to eat delicious beef soup, I recommend that Ie beef direct selling shop.

  • Address: 〒
    901-0305 Nishizaki 2-35-5, Itoman city, Okinawa
  • Open: 11:00 ~ 19:00
  • Telephone: 098-996-2992
  • Closed : None
  • Parking: There is a parking space on the road in front of the shop
  • Price: 800 yen ~ 1,000 yen

Ie beef direct selling shop is here ↓

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