Ichiran in Itoman City, a restaurant you can eat hot spicy Okinawa soba

There are many Okinawan soba restaurants in Okinawa. There are various flavors of Okinawa soba, such as pork bone based soup, bonito stock, soup using mozuku and fish near Okinawa. Under these circumstances, it is unlikely that Okinawa Soba is spicy. I’ve been to quite a lot of Okinawa soba restaurants, but I haven’t encountered any spicy Okinawa soba. However, I recently found a restaurant that offers hot spicy Okinawa soba. That is Ichiran in Itoman City. It has the same name as a famous restaurant for pork bone ramen, but this Ichiran is a Okinawan soba shop. I ate the first hot spicy Okinawa soba.

Ichiran is located near Nishizaki Sports Park in Itoman City. It is a small and beautiful restaurant where Okinawan folk songs flow. The counter and table seats are like a ramen shop.

Iside photo of Ichiran

There is a food ticket machine at the entrance of the shop, where you purchase a ticket.

food ticket machine at the entrance of the shop

This is Ichiran’s menu.

Ichiran food menu

Ichiran drink menu

The most popular is “Burning Tiida soba”. Tiida is an Okinawan dialect meaning the sun, and as its name implies, it has a rather hot and painful atmosphere. First, challenge by the Burning Tiida soba!

Burning Tiida soba and rice

This is Burning Tiida soba. The color of the soup claims hotness. As expected, I have never seen such a red Okinawa soba. At first I tried a bite of soup. The spicy and fine pungency that spreads sweat from my forehead at a stretch spread into my mouth at a stretch. It’s hot because it’s just burning soup made with chili, pepper and 10 other spices was quite stimulating and spicy. Sweat did not stop from my forehead and neck. But for some reason my chopsticks didn’t stop and I ate more and more and sweated. Noodles are homemade raw noodles made in the store. The smooth texture matched the soup and it was very delicious.

After eating the noodles, I put rice in the soup and made it a risotto-style

After eating the noodles, I put rice in the soup and made it a risotto-style so I could taste more spicy. I enjoyed the hot spicy until the last minute. For a while, I decided to refrain from spicy dishes.

The Ichiran is not just a hot spicy Okinawa soba. The classic Okinawa soba is also a delicious shop. Another day I went to eat this Soki soba.

classic Okinawa soba and juicy

This is Ichiran’s Hon Soki Soba and juicy. Soki meat is big. At first I tried a bite of soup. It was an elegant and refreshing bonito soup based soup that you can not think of a shop that makes such hot spicy Okinawa soba. It was a transparent soup with no savory taste. I wondered why Ichiran that makes such an elegant soup is making such a hot spicy Okinawa soba. And after all this homemade raw noodles. Noodles with smooth texture and firmness. It was a refreshing Soki soba with more delicious taste of this noodle.

About Ichiran

Ichiran offers a very spicy Okinawa soba that was unlikely. The Burning Tiida soba is as hot as its name. However, ordinary Okinawa soba has a surprisingly elegant and transparent taste. If you are tired of ordinary Okinawa soba and sometimes want to eat Okinawa soba with a different stimulus. Ichiran’s Burning Tiida soba is recommended. Please try it once.

  • Address: Zip
    901-0305 Nishizaki 2-6-1, Itoman city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00~16:00, 17:30~20:30
  • Telephone: 090-8406-3945
  • Closed: None
  • Parking lot: 2 cars space
  • Price: 550 yen ~ 1,000 yen

The Ichiran is here ↓

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