I went to a new bar area Ichiman Yokochou in Itoman City

Itoman city, a town of the fisher man. A new bar area has opened near the Itoman City public market. The name is “Ichiman Yokochou”. It is a street tavern-style collective bar that was recently opened to restore the old Itoman city bustle that was crowded with mariners. It was a little bothersome, as it seems that we can enjoy various taverns and drinks in one place. It is better to go directly and enjoy alcohol and delicious food than I care about. I went to a fast-paced Ichiman Yokochou and saw it.

The Ichiman Yokochou is near the Itoman City Public Market. Adachiya Itoman store is nearby, and the number of bars has increased recently. Most shops are open around 5 o’clock in the evening. The Ichiman Yokochou interior looks like this. There is a table seat in the center and a counter seat at each stall.

The Ichiman Yokochou interior

There are 11 small food stalls on the same floor. There is a guide map of each stall outside the Ichiman Yokochou.

a guide map of each stall

I wondered what stall to eat, but somehow I wanted to eat a combination of Chinese food and beer, and this time I chose “Shinka”.

Ichiman Yokochou Shinka

At first heal my body warmed by cold draft beer. After all this one is the best. While taking a walk in hot Okinawa, cold beer will be absorbed into my body.

cold draft beer

This is Shinka’s food menu and drink menu. It is easy to understand because it is a food menu with photos.

The food menu of Shinka 1

The food menu of Shinka 2

The drink menu of Shinka 1

The drink menu of Shinka 2

It is nice to be cheaper if you replace draft beer with the same glass. I just greedy and drink many cups. It’s time to be blissed to have a draft beer while thinking about the food that suits the draft beer. The selected menu was “Cold product of duck” and “Stir-fried fresh green vegetables and jellyfish”. I was looking forward to what it tastes like.

Cold product of duck

Stir-fried fresh green vegetables and jellyfish

“Cold product of duck” was very soft, and the umami of duck meat and the smell of yam were a very delicious dish. The umami of the minced meat matched the draft beer well and my beer went on and on. And “Stir-fried fresh green vegetables and jellyfish” had a strong aroma of sesame oil and garlic, and it was a menu that alcohol went well again. I was happy because it was so delicious!

Next, I was wondering which menu to eat, and when I sat down at the counter, I heard that Moji oyster would turn from ¥ 250 to ¥ 190, so I ordered Moji oyster. And also order pork dumplings. I still ate it.

Moji oyster

pork dumplings

As expected, raw oysters was so delicious!! The flavor and smell of rich oyster spread in my mouth in a moment. While tasting the taste of the oyster, pour it with beer. it’s the best. And pork dumplings. It was a very delicious dumpling with a rich chicken white hot soup mixed with various spices. It was a delicious dish that had the flavor of authentic Chinese dumplings from Taiwan and China.

I was getting quite hungry, but after all, Okinawa people final item after drinking is a steak. I ordered “Prefectural cut steak” with another stand “Kenmin steak”. It is a nice place to be able to order another stall food menu.

Prefectural cut steak

When I bite the soft steak meat, the gravy overflowed. My stomach was full, but after all the steak was another belly. I could have a good drink and food until the end.

About Ichiman Yokochou

The Ichiman Yokochou where you can taste the food of 11 stalls in a single place. When you sit at the counter seat, you may be able to eat the special menu of each stall. The food menu of another stall can also be ordered, so you can eat various shop food. Drink menus such as beer and liquor are also different for each stall, so you can enjoy the taste of each stall. These are the delivery menu of each stall.

the delivery menu of Waraou

the delivery menu of Muramatsu

the delivery menu of Kenmin steak

the delivery menu of Wanwan

the delivery menu of Gyouza-maru

the delivery menu of Odenya-An

the delivery menu of Karaoke pub

The Ichiman Yokochou is here ↓

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