Beautiful cobalt blue sea Hyakuna beach in Nanjo City and Okinawa Soba Mine’s special weekday lunch set

A native Okinawan, born and raised in Okinawa, will introduce you to various beaches in Okinawa while showing you underwater videos.

The beach introduced here is Hyakuna Beach in Nanjo City. It is a very beautiful beach with beautiful cobalt blue ocean.

The water is shallow, and even after walking 500 meters from the shore, the depth of the water is just below an adult’s knees.

This was my first time to swim at Hyakuna Beach. Rather than coral reefs, it is a very beautiful beach with white sand and deep, clear cobalt blue waters stretching endlessly.

Furthermore, it was a calm sea with many sea fans. The sea was not very popular and had the atmosphere of a private beach. I think it is the best place for strolling and playing on the beach. You can have the beautiful sea all to yourself.

And the sea lunch introduced here is a weekday-only lunch set at Okinawa Soba Mine, which offers homemade noodles, a special soup stock, and a view of the beautiful ocean.

I enjoyed the lunch set that includes cartilage soki, asa, jushi, a small bowl of cooked food, and even dessert.

If you are a sea lover, please take a look.

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