Authentic Miyako soba is delicious taste in Soba Hirara

There are various kinds even if you say in a word with Okinawa soba. The standard one is Soki soba with Soki on the soba, but there is also a difference depending on the region of Okinawa. There are features such as Okinawa soba, Miyako soba, Yaeyama soba, etc. It is interesting to eat compared with each other. This time I will introduce authentic Miyako soba delicious, Hirara.

Hirara is in Tomigusuku city Takayasu. It is a popular shop filled with local customers on weekdays and holidays. The interior of the shop is a homey atmosphere that feels like Okinawa’s popular dining hall.

Iside photo of Hirara

The menu is stuck on the wall inside the store. Such a place is also a very-likely Soba shop in Okinawa.

The menu of Hirara

Well, after all, when we come to Hirara, I want to eat full-fledged Miyako soba. So I ordered Miyako soba (large) without hesitation. There are few shops that we can eat authentic Miyako soba, so I’m looking forward to it.

Miyako soba

Well, Miyako soba came. At first glance it looks like simple soba with only noodles and green onions. But, under the noodles meat and Kamaboko are hidden. This is the characteristic of Miyako soba. It’s a little funny. Straight noodles are ordered from Miyako island. And soup is bonito flavor of skipjack soup stock. It is a gentle taste that does not get tired even if you eat it everyday by blending soup of chicken and bonito. Unlike appearance, surprisingly there is volume and it will be full of stomach.

Meat and Kamaboko are hidden beneath Miyako soba

Other than Miyako soba, Tebichi soba and Soki soba are also delicious. A gentle soup matches well with Tebichi and Soki. Because it is juicy by Tebichi, it is profitable.

Tebichi soba with juicy

About Miyako soba Hirara
A refreshing gentle soup, straight noodles are tasty Miyako soba Hirara. You can taste authentic Miyako soba, hide the ingredients under noodles. Why do they hide meat and kamaboko under noodles? In order to keep the ingredients from drying out, to make the noodles more visible, people in Miyakojima who were suffering from heavy taxes in the past, could not eat meat to appeal, there are various story such as.

Now Miyako soba is getting smaller in Miyako island, in Hiraba you can eat full – fledged Miyako soba. If you want to try different taste than usual Okinawa soba, please try also Hirara.

  • Address:
    901-0242 567-1 Takayasu Tomigusuku city Okinawa
  • Open 10:00-15:30
  • Telephone: 098-850-4015
  • Closed: Sunday
  • Car parking: There is a parking lot next to the store
  • Price: 600 yen ~ 800 yen

Hirara is here ↓

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