Sometimes luxuriously dinner buffet at Chatan Hilton Hotel! Delicious, rich variety and satisfied

Sometimes we want to eat good food. I would like to eat lots of delicious dishes with a full stomach. At that time, after all the hotel dinner buffet! Rich in kinds of dishes, satisfied from adults to children! You can be full of stomach. When my brother’s family returned home to Okinawa during the consecutive holidays, we enjoyed the dinner buffet at the Chatan Hilton Hotel SURIYUN as occasional luxury. SURIYUN is the dialect of Okinawa meaning “everyone gathers, gathers up”. As the name suggests, families gathered and enjoyed delicious dinner. Although it was a bit expensive compared to lunch buffet, We were very happy with delicious desserts for over 60 kinds of rich dishes! From my grandpa and grandma to a 1 year old child, our stomach became full.

SURIYUN is on the left hand side the lobby of Chatan Hilton Hotel. The lobby of Chatan Hilton Hotel was open and the sunset was beautiful and my children were delighted.

the lobby of Chatan Hilton Hotel

As soon as you go to the left hand side there is SURIYUN. It was the day when my brother family came to Okinawa on this day so we had dinner early.


The inside of the restaurant we enjoy the scenery along the sea and it is made openly. Even families with small children can visit with confidence.

The inside of the restaurant

Then see the dishes you care about. First is sushi, salad and appetizers. There are plentiful kinds of dishes that seems to be full with just this! I would get lost as to what to eat from.



SURIYUN appetizers

How is it, just appetizers were abundant in the variety of dishes and I was lost as to why I should start eating. Next I explored other main dishes. Truly a hotel dinner buffet. I was overwhelmed by the kind of cuisine and force. But I also enjoyed having time to wonder what to eat from which dish.

dinner buffet SURIYUN 1

dinner buffet SURIYUN 5

dinner buffet SURIYUN 4

dinner buffet SURIYUN 3

dinner buffet SURIYUN 2

dinner buffet SURIYUN 6

How do you feel, there are pretty rich variety of dishes. I shot with a smart camera, so I could not shoot all the dishes. It was disappointing that I could not tell the deliciousness of SURIYUN’s dishes because I could not shoot taking the lid off yet. Honestly, I could not photograph all the dishes, but I’d appreciate it will be appreciated that the variety of dishes is rich.

Every dish looked delicious, but when I got lost I just started with meat! It was the main dish of American beef steak with teppanyaki on this day, so I started from steak. The sound and smell of the steak baked with iron plate in front of us would appetite me. There is no doubt that it is good!


I also had other delicious dishes. Well, it is regrettable that my dishes were stupid and the dish taste is not transmitted.

my dishes 1

After all the baked steak was exceptional. Meat was soft, plenty of gravy, plenty enough for just this! Seasoning was also elegant for other dishes. Even after the second dish I ate steak too. Even so, the balance of the dishes was bad …

my dishes 2

There are over 60 different dishes, so I could not eat them all by myself. But the buffet that surrounds all the family members was good. We could share the delicious dishes that other family were eating. I was happy to be able to enjoy various dishes little by little. We can also communicate. We can also find menus that we do not normally eat, such as Thai style hot noodles and authentic Thai curry.

Thai style hot noodles

authentic Thai curry

And speaking of hotel buffet, do not forget dessert. SURIYAN has abundant variety of dessert. I lost about which one I would eat.

abundant variety of dessert SURIYUN 1

abundant variety of dessert SURIYUN 2

There are six kinds of cakes alone, and I can not count up other sweets and fruits. Let’s eat desserts early before full stomach, shall I eat more variety dishes? I was lost. But as a sweet love man I like choosing an early sweet. I had coffee with it.

cakes and coffee

I bought six kinds of cakes one by one. I am sorry that the dishes are not good as usual and looks nice. Next are other sweets. There is a colorful dessert in a small glass. Even though it looks cute and tasty, when I bring it, the arrangement was bad.

other sweets

In addition there were gelato and chocolate fountain, my children were delighted too. A hotel buffet that can be enjoyed from adults to children. The kind and quantity that you can not eat delicious food. Sometimes it is a good to spend such a luxurious time with your family.

Chatan Hilton hotel SURIYUN information
Hotel buffet, SURIYUN, where we can enjoy international cuisine from Okinawa cuisine for every season. As the name of the restaurant, the family gathered and I was able to have a good meal time. Because there are standard Okinawa cuisine like Tebichi and Inamurchi, I think that it is perfect also when customers come from outside Okinawa Prefecture. If you want to enjoy luxurious meals occasionally, I recommend the dinner buffet at Chatan Hilton Hotel. Sunset view which looks in from the restaurant is also beautiful. It was a bit cloudy this day.

Sunset view from SURIYUN

  • Address:
    904-0115 Mihama 40‐1, Chatan town, Okinawa
  • Telephone: 098-901-1120
  • No regular holiday
  • Car parking: Hotel parking is available
  • Morning 6:30~10:30
    Lunch 11:30~15:00
    Dinner 17:30~22:00
  • Price: Lunch : weekday adult 2,150 yen, Children 1,350 yen (elementary school students aged 6 to 12)
    Saturday, Sunday and public holidays Adult 2,350 yen, Children 1,450 yen (elementary school students aged 6 to 12)

    Dinner Adult 3,300 yen, Child 2,050 yen (elementary school student aged 6 to 12)
    * Preschool children are free
    * Tax and service charge will be added separately to the display fee.

Chatan Hilton Hotel is here ↓

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