Hamburger and meat dishes are delicious at hearty. Meat bar Hikiy’s

I want to eat delicious meat dishes full. Sometimes we feel like that. A recommended restaurant in such a case is “Meat Bar Hikiy’s” in Urasoe City. This is an excellent restaurant for homemade hamburgers and meat dishes. Not only hamburgers but also sauces are all handmade, and you can enjoy exciting Italian and meat dishes at this restaurant. We went for a lively meat meal with my kids for a holiday lunch.

Meat Bar Hikiy’s is located in Nakanishi, Urasoe City. It is located one step from the main road of Okinawa, Route 58. The appearance of Meat Bar Hikiy’s looks like the photo above. Inside the store was a homey atmosphere with live music videos. When I went, there was a live video of Toshinobu Kubota, and I could enjoy nostalgic songs while waiting for food.

Meat bar Hikiy's inside photo 4

Meat bar Hikiy's inside photo 3

Meat bar Hikiy's inside photo 1

And this is the menu of Meat Bar Hikiy’s. It is easy to understand with photos.

the menu of Meat Bar Hikiy's 0

the menu of Meat Bar Hikiy's 1

the menu of Meat Bar Hikiy's 2

the menu of Meat Bar Hikiy's 3

the menu of Meat Bar Hikiy's 4

the menu of Meat Bar Hikiy's 5

the menu of Meat Bar Hikiy's 6

If you are not sure which menu to choose, you only have to choose the recommended dish. On this day, my children were hungry, so I chose the menu with volume priority. And the menu that I chose was “Shuri Castle 5 Points Unbeatable”, “Shuri Castle 5 Points Beef Muscle Curry”, “Wild Meat Plate”, and “Vegetable-rich Hamburg and Tomato Pazza”. I was looking forward to what kind of meat dish comes.

Shuri Castle 5 Points Unbeatable

First of all, “Shuri Castle 5 Points Unbeatable”. Big shrimp and sausage, fried egg and homemade hamburger beneath, and a lot of roast beef are lined up on rice. It seems to have been made with the image of Shuri Castle, the symbol of Okinawa, and is a lively dish. We eat hamburger, roast beef and vegetables together with rice in a Hawaiian locomo style. Hamburger and roast beef were very soft and juicy and went well with rice. It was quite voluminous, but when my family shared it, it went away. It was a delicious and exciting dish that my daughter loved very much.

Shuri Castle 5 Points Beef Muscle Curry

Next is “Shuri Castle 5 Points Beef Muscle Curry”. This is also served with the image of Shuri Castle, beef stir-fry curry that has been slowly boiled with red wine for more than 4 hours, thickly cut chunks of pork tonkatsu, crisp shrimp fry, total length 15 ㎝ big winner, boiled egg, vegetables with hot water Has been placed. It was not spicy and it was a delicious curry that even my small child could eat. This was also quite voluminous, but my family shared and ate deliciously.

Wild meat plate

A total weight of 480g and a generous “Wild meat plate”. Garlic chicken steak, soft and juicy handmade hamburger steak, and rich steak filled with gravy. Despite the volume, the meat were not very greasy and was delicious to the end.

Hamburg and Tomato Pazza with Plenty of Vegetables

And the last dish is “Hamburg and Tomato Pazza with Plenty of Vegetables”. It was a dish where rice with a rich tomato sauce matches with plenty of vegetables such as tomato, paprika, onion, eggplant. The homemade hamburger was delicious, and we ate it with my family. I didn’t show them in the photos, but all the menus had salad and soup, which made me very full.

About Meat bar Hikiy’s

Hearty meat dishes with delicious hearty meat dishes. All hamburgers and sauces are handmade, and beef, chicken and pork are not too greasy and can be eaten refreshingly. It is said that part of the sales of the signboard menu “Shuri Castle Five Points” will be donated to Shuri Castle reconstruction. Let’s all eat delicious meat dishes and contribute to the reconstruction of Shuri Castle.

Meat Bar Hikiy’s is here ↓

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