Shellfish specialty bar in Sakaemachi Naha city, you can deliciously eat shellfish from all over Japan

It is Sakae-machi where Okinawa’s good old downtown environment is remarkably preserved. In Sakae-machi arcade streets crowded with local elder ladies shopping in the daytime, you can hear a fun voice from the tavern where drinks can be drunk at night. The bars of such drinking spots, izakaya which changed a bit in Sakae-machi, is introduced today “Shellfish specialty bar “Hiikiya”. At the bar you can enjoy delicious shellfish and sake around the Japan. It is a little unusual bar, but it is a good Izakaya where you can easily go for a drink.

The Hiikiya is in Sakaemachi Arcade Street. A standing sign written that “Our shop has only shellfish” is stolen. We feel a sense of enthusiasm for the Hiikiya.

A standing sign of Hiikiya

The inside of the shop is a small bar with a counter seat. It is a drinking shop where the downtown atmosphere remains. It looks good to drink delicately.

Inside photo of Hiikiya

The menu is stuck on the wall inside the store. Shellfish sashimi, roasted shellfish sake, shellfish dishes are all serious. If you are confused as to which shellfish food is good, there is also a Random Course. We are also looking forward to leaving it to the shopkeepers who knows the shellfish well.

The menu of Hiikiya 1

The menu of Hiikiya 2

We will change to various shellfish dishes, but here we ordered “Random Course” and beer. Random course comes with 3 to 4 shellfish dishes. After all the combination of shellfish and beer is exceptional. Beer that I drink with shellfish sashimi or grilled shellfish into a knob would not stop. Really beer is good! Drinking cold beer and shellfish in hot Okinawa is special. Although there are only shellfish in the Hiikiya, my satisfaction is quite high. After all the combination of Saske and shellfish is the strongest.

Beer and shellfish dish

About Hiikiya and Sakae-machi
In the daytime, the older women work, the atmosphere of Okinawa downtown where elder ladies are shopping is a remarkable Sakae-machi market. Okinawa’s relaxed atmosphere remains Arcade Street is a lot of fun even while walking. It is 3 to 4 minutes on foot from the monorail Asato station. Unlike the arcade street along the Kokusai-dori (international street), it is not a business for tourists but real downtown atmosphere of Okinawa remains.

The photo of Sakae-machi 1

The photo of Sakae-machi 2

It is quite fun to drink in such a downtown atmosphere Sakae-machi. Cheap and delicious sake to drink in the downtown of Okinawa. Since there are various kinds of taverns full of individuality, I will continue to introduce them. Shellfish specialty bar Hiikiya is also a fun drinking shop.

  • Address:
    902-0067 Asato 379, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 17:00~23:30
  • Telephone: 080-6491-04372
  • Closed holiday: irregular holiday
  • Parking lot: None
  • Pricce: 1,000 yen – 2,000 yen

Shellfish specialty bar Hiikiya ↓

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