Helios Pub where you can drink delicious beer from lunch on Kokusai-dori, relieved even with children

It is a staple of Okinawa sightseeing “Kokusai-dori”, located just in the middle of the Kokusai-dori, and you can drink delicious beer from noon. That is Helios Pub. It is a rare British style beer pub in Okinawa. There is a large entrance along the Kokusai-dori, so it is easy to enter even from noon, it is a bright atmosphere. When you come to Okinawa traveling, you want to drink from lunch (laugh). You can drink delicious beer from noon, it is Helios Pub. If you are strolling around Kokusai-dori, please stop by all means.

Helios Pub is on the Kokusai^dori. This big beer is a landmark. Because the entrance is big and it has an open atmosphere, it is easy to enter. Actually I entered with my child, but I was not at all worried. You can enjoy beer with confidence with a child.

Helios Pub

The interior is like this. They are imagining a full-fledged pub of British style, so the atmosphere is different from Okinawa’s Izakaya. Because the entrance is so big that it will brighten, it seems to be fun drinking from noon.

The interior of Helios Pub 1

The interior of Helios Pub 2

If you come to Helios pub, try the Beer Tasting set (667 yen). You can enjoy 3 kinds of favorite beer. There are 6 types of beer you can choose. Goya dry, Blue sky and sea beer, Lager, Pale ale, Starry sky porter, Shikuwasa white ale. Every beer looks yummy. This time I chose Goya Dry, Pale Yale, Shikuwasa White Ale.

Beer Tasting set

First of all, it is Goya Dry, I felt bitter of Goya in the aftertaste of beer properly. Goya’s bitterness and beer’s bittern match well. Next is Shikuwasa White Ale. Here you can also feel the refreshing Shikuwasa’s acidity in the aftertaste of beer. This is a refreshing aftertaste. And Pale Yale. Truly a British style pub. I thought it was a full-fledged pale ale with a faint sweetness and bitterness (I’m sorry, I do not know well except Orion beer). But it was a genuine taste. It is fun to understand the difference in taste when drinking and comparing three types of beer. Next time I would like to try other beers.

Helios pub has plenty of dishes to suit beer. This time I ordered fish & chips and sausage set. This also matches beer and beer advances. It was delicious.

fish & chips

sausage set

About Helios Pub
Helios Pub is a pub operated by Helios Sake Brewery of Awamori. So beer delivered directly from Helios Sake Brewery is delicious. In addition to beer, there are plenty of Awamori “Kura” boasting Helios’ sake brewing, cocktails using beer and Awamori. There is even a hub liquor! “Kura” is also the brand of Awamori I like the most. It is Awamori where we can enjoy a gentle and mellow taste. I would like to try the cocktail next time. Of course there are lots of dishes that suit beer and Awamori.

Helios Pub liquor menu table

Helios Pub food menu table

By the way, “Helios” seems to be the sun god of ancient Greece. However, I did not know why the first president made the company name Helios’ brewery. I do not think that Awamori and Ancient Greece are connected very much. The god of sake Bacchus will match.

  • Address :
    900-0013 1-2-25 Makishi, Naha city, Okinawa
  • 12:00-23:00
  • Telephone : 098-863-7227
  • Noliday : None
  • Car parking: None, please use the surrounding parking lot
  • Price : 2,000 yen ~ 3,000 yen

Helios Pub is here ↓

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