Restaurant Hawaii in Motobu town is delicious and has plenty of volume, a well-established 43 years old

There was a mysterious restaurant in Motobu town which has been operating since I was a child. That name is “Drive in restaurant Hawaii”. This is Okinawa Why is it Hawaii? I was thinking that it was a restaurant with a mysterious name though a child. I often go by car in front of Hawaii, but in reality I had never been in restaurant. Restaurant Hawaii I thought that it was wonderful from my childhood. I finally went to Hawaii! A long-established, well-established drive-in restaurant Hawaii, 43 years ago. It was delicious and had plenty of volume restaurant.

Drive in restaurant Hawaii is a restaurant that you can see on the left as you go along the coastline road leading from Nago City to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. It is in the best place for lunch on the way to the Churaumi Aquarium. Sakimoto beach (Gorilla chop) is in the immediate vicinity of the road. If the weather is nice, you can see such a beautiful sea.

Sakimoto beach (Gorilla chop)

The interior of Hawaii is like this. While feeling the atmosphere of old good Okinawa, I feel a bit nostalgic feeling the history of 43 years.

The interior of Hawaii 1

The interior of Hawaii 2

Restaurant Hawaii menu is this. There are lots of favorite menus from Okinawa people, from the classic A lunch at the Okinawa lunch menu, to Hawaiian cuisine and authentic Teppanyaki steak. I was lost for what to eat.

Restaurant Hawaii menu 1

Restaurant Hawaii menu 2

Restaurant Hawaii menu 3

I was lost but I could not forget to take the classic A lunch after all. Restaurant Hawaii A lunch, which became the first champion in the A lunch championship. This can not be excluded. And, special J lunch which we can taste taco rice and locomoco at once. And ordered representative Hawaiian cuisine locomoco. The taste of the restaurant Hawaii that I have been looking closely since long ago. I was looking forward to what it tastes like.

A lunch

This is the A lunch of the restaurant Hawaii. It is a signboard menu from the foundation. Hand-made crunchy pork cutlet, special hamburger steak, fried shrimp, chicken, wiener, grilled meat, egg yam, spaghetti, even this! Of course the taste was also very delicious. It was old and nostalgic flavor, especially hamburger was extraordinary! As expected it was the taste and volume of the first champion. It was a convincing taste and volume.

J lunch

And this is J lunch which we can taste taco rice and locomoco at the same time. This is also quite a lot of volume. Special taste hamburger was very delicious, also recommended for lunch here. You can enjoy a completely different taste and cuisine than A-lunch, which is mainly deep-fried. I do not know why it is J (laugh).


I ordered a cuisine representative of Hawaii, locomoco at restaurant Hawaii, and I ordered separately. A huge volume of hamburgers and eggs were matched with specialty Locomoco sauce and it was very delicious. If you eat a bite, you can see why restaurant Hawaii has been loved for many years. It’s because they serve plenty and delicious foods.

Restaurant Hawaii information
Drive in restaurant Hawaii that we can stop banging on the way to the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. It is a long-established restaurant that has been loved by local people and tourists for 43 years. The price is reasonable, you can enjoy delicious and full-size dishes. On the way to the Churaumi Aquarium, if you are not sure what to eat, I’d recommend a Restaurant Hawaii.

Drive In Restaurant Hawaii is here ↓

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