Delicious cheap big!! I have eaten the popular steakhouse HAN’S in Rycom Okinawa

Okinawan people who really like meat. We are an Okinawan citizen who loves pork to say “I eat everything except pig crying” but we also like steak. The people of Okinawa prefecture love the steak as they go to eat steak after drinking. Such a popular steak restaurant in Okinawa Prefecture is HAN’S. A popular steak restaurant with 8 stores in Okinawa Prefecture. The popular shopping mall Rycom Okinawa also has HAN’S. A delicious cheap big motto steak restaurant HAN’S. I watched a movie and ate lunch when I was hungry, I ate HAN’S steak and hamburger.

The HAN’S Rycom Okinawa is located on the 4th floor of Okinawa Rycom. It is just close to the cinema, so after I was hungry I wanted to eat meat. This is the atmosphere inside the HAN’S Rycom store. It is a bright and clean shop.

The inside photo of HAN's Okinawa Rycom 1

The inside photo of HAN's Okinawa Rycom 2

The inside photo of HAN's Okinawa Rycom 3

And this is the HAN’S menu. There are a wide variety of meat dishes such as steaks, chicken steaks, hamburgers and spare ribs. I wondered which menu to eat.

the HAN'S menu 1

the HAN'S menu 5

the HAN'S menu 4

the HAN'S menu 3

the HAN'S menu 2

I got lost in various ways, but I chose a triple menu with three types of meat and a 300g homemade hamburger. Because it was hamburger fair on this day, 300g hamburger of 1,850 yen was usually 1,000 yen !! Happy. And Happily, HAN’S is a salad bar, soup, rice, curry, drink, soft cream all-you-can-eat! For families with a large number of eating children Unlimited eating is a reliable view.

salad bar, soup, rice, curry, drink, soft cream all-you-can-eat 1

salad bar, soup, rice, curry, drink, soft cream all-you-can-eat 2

salad bar, soup, rice, curry, drink, soft cream all-you-can-eat 3

By the time the triple menu I ordered and the hamburger came to me, first I ate salad, soup and curry. There are many types of salads and dressings, so you can eat without getting tired. The curry was not too hot and the meat was plentiful and it was very delicious. I had a good time waiting for the meat.

the triple menu, 100g of steak, 200g of chicken steak, 150g of hamburger

When I finished eating salad and curry, the triple menu I had been waiting for came, 100g of steak, 200g of chicken steak, 150g of hamburger. At first I tried to eat a steak with rock salt. The delicious umami of beef and the mild spicy taste of rock salt were mixed in my mouth. After all it was delicious! HAN’S original steak sauce, pink salt and black pepper were prepared, and you can enjoy the taste of meat with various tastes. The chicken steak and hamburg were also very delicious, and the umami taste of the three types of meat ware enjoyed until the end.

HAN'S Original Steak Sauce, Rock Salt and Black Pepper

homemade hamburg 300g

And this is homemade hamburg 300g. Hamburger was very soft, and when I shook it, it was full of meat juice. I could eat deliciously with garnish sauce, pink salt and black pepper. I was so glad that this was 1,000 yen. And after eating it’s ice chrome. After all it is nice to have a dessert at the end.

after eating it's ice chrome

About Steak Restaurant HAN’S

A steak restaurant HAN’S that has 8 stores in Okinawa Prefecture. I would like tourists to taste the steak restaurant which has been loved by the people of Okinawa prefecture under the motto Delicious cheap big. There is also a 1 kg steak. Next time I’m hungry and I want to challenge.

  • Address: Zip
    901-2300 Higa Awase area 4 districts within the drawing arrangement business area, Kitanakagusuku village, Okinawa
  • Open: 10:00-23:00
  • Telephone: 098-930-2983
  • Closed: None
  • Parking: Okinawa Rycom has plenty of parking space
  • Price: 1,000 yen ~ 6,480 yen

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