Hanagasa shokudo is a long-established lasts more than 50 years in Naha’s market, you can enjoy Okinawa’s home cooking

It is a market district that entered the side street from the Kokusai-dori of Naha city, a long-established restautant which keeps operating for over 50 years, that is “Hanagasa-shokudo”. At the Hanagasa-shokudo you can enjoy home-cooked Okinawa cuisine such as boiling soki, Tebichi, Nakamiziru and Inamuruchi. If you come to Kokusai-dori, please enjoy Okinawa home cooking at the Hanagasa-shokudo. Recently, many tourists are coming, so it is a restaurant you feel free to enter.

The Hanagasa-shokudo is located in the traditional city Market Street. I think that the location is difficult to understand, but I think that it is easy to understand when entering from the entrance of Heiwa-dori.

Heiwa-dori entrance from Kokusai-dori

If you walk straight from Heiwa-dori towards Tsubuya Yachimun Street, you will see a signboard at the Hanagasa-shokudo on the left hand side. Heiwa-dori is the same as the atmosphere of old-fashioned Naha market area remains.


As you walk straight on Heiwa-dori, you can see a yellow signboard of the Hanagasa-shokudo on the left side suddenly. Because it is not a conspicuous signboard unexpectedly that seems to be conspicuous, please be careful not to overlook it. There is an entrance of the Hanagasa-shokudo in the back of the signboard.

yellow signboard of the Hanagasa-shokudo

I visited around 2 pm, but the shop was about 70% inclusive. Tourists and locals are half as much as half. When the shop gets crowded, you will have a share table. Please understand that point. The menu is easy to understand with pictures. English, Chinese and Korean versions of the menu are also available, so foreign tourists are also safe.

The menu of Hanagasa-shokudo

The menu table of the Chinese version is like this.

The menu table of the Chinese version

This time, I ordered “Miso-shiru Set” in Okinawa’s home cooking classic. Miso soup becomes a set meal as side dishes. It is a set meal of Okinawa’s popular dining hall. Although the Hanagasa-shokudo was written as an easy-to-understand “Miso-shiru set” meal, depending on the dining hall, it is written only as “Miso soup”. Even if I write only miso soup, rice and Oshin, etc. come with it as a set meal. You will not be able to eat it if you order without knowing it.

Miso soup ingredients are tofu, eggs, lettuce, kelp, radish and pork with volume. That taste is just miso soup made by grandma. It is a taste that makes me feel nostalgic on a personal basis. My grandmama also used to make such miso soup. After all we can enjoy home-cooked dishes like Okinawa’s grandma made at Hanagasa-shokudo.

Miso-shiru set of Hanagawa-shokudo

You can choose rice from white rice and brown rice for the set meal at Hanagasa-shokudo. Also you can choose soup from Nakami-ziru, miso soup, Inamuruchi, Somen-ziru, Okinawa soba. You can choose the desserts from Mozuku and Zenzai. If you come to Okinawa, please try it by all means. It is different from Japanese Zenzai.



Hanagasa-shokudo information
Hanasa-shokudo has continued to provide old-fashioned Okinawan home cuisine in Naha city. Recently, it seems that many foreign visitors are visiting other than locals. The restaurant where you can taste good old home cooking in Okinawa. The location may be a bit confusing, but it is near Kokusai-dori and Makishi public market, so you can drop in on sightseeing casually at the same time. If you are staying at Kokusai-dori or a hotel in Naha, please go to the Hanagasa-shokudo. You can taste home-cooked Okinawa cuisine made by grandmama.

  • Address :
    900-0013 Makishi 3-2-48 Naha cityOkinawa
  • There is no parking lot near Hanagasa-shokudo
  • Telephone:098-866-6085
  • 11:00-20:00
  • Holiday : None
  • Price : 500 yen ~ 1,100 yen

Hanagasa-shokudo is here ↓

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