The Hamanoya in Onna village is a seafood restaurant that originated with buttered fish

Okinawa Prefecture is an island surrounded by the sea on all sides, so it receives abundant blessings from the sea. Therefore, there are many seafood restaurants in the prefecture. Each restaurant has “fish butter grilled” as a popular menu, but the rumor that it originated is “Hamanoya” in Onna village. This is founded in 1983, it is a long-established seafood restaurant that is almost 40 years old. Actually, this restaurant is the one that my parents used to come to eat when they were young. I went to eat with my parents and children.

The Hamanoya is very close to the roadside station in Onna village. It is located on the side road from the Aorta National Highway No.58 of Okinawa traffic. The appearance looks like this, and it looks like a seafood shop in a fisherman’s town.

The Hamanoya in Onna village is a seafood restaurant that originated with buttered fish

The inside of the store was surprisingly large, and there was even a tatami room in the back.

Photo of the inside of the Hamanoya 1

Photo of the inside of the Hamanoya 2

This is the food menu and drink menu of Hamanoya. A variety of menus such as butter-grilled, simmered dishes, Okinawan dishes, set meals, soups, and rice bowls.

the food menu of Hamanoya

The drink menu of Hamanoya

It was quite difficult to decide which menu item to choose, but first of all, the buttered fish, which originated at Hamanoya, was a must. Then, after consulting with my parents and my child, I ordered the “Kaisen Makunouchi Gozen” and “Squid ink soup set meal”, and a smaller children’s lunch for my child, since my parents probably could not eat the entire set meal.

the fish of the day

The fish butter grilled set meal is based on the system of choosing from the fish of the day. Therefore, the price is also market price and ranges between 2,200 yen and 2,750 yen.

The fish butter grilled set meal

Now, this is the butter-fish grilled set meal of the Hamanoya. Just before eating, they sprinkled plenty of hot butter in a kettle in front of the table. The fragrant aroma of butter and garlic spread all at once, and my appetite increased all at once. It may be hard to see in the picture, but the butter and fish are roasted on an iron plate, and this sound and smell were irresistible.

First of all, I tried a bite. The skin of the fish is baked crispy, and the white meat inside is messed up with a fluffy texture! The flavors of butter and garlic were exceptional, especially if you soak the melted butter in the charred fish skin and eat it! The appetite was stimulated and I ate more and more. If you like fish, this is a must-eat menu.

Seafood Makunouchi Gozen

This is the “Seafood Makunouchi Gozen” of the Hamanoya. Boiled in tempura and sashimi, it looks very delicious. We ate deliciously while sharing with the whole family.

Squid ink soup set meal

And this is the “Squid ink soup set meal”. As you can see from the photo, the color of the squid ink is quite rich. The color was so strong that I thought it was really ink. Of course, the original taste of squid ink and the soup stock were rich and delicious. However, the color of the squid ink was so dark that I thought that if I spilled it on my T-shirt, it would probably not be possible to remove the stains. I think you need to be a little careful to eat.


This is a children’s lunch. It’s a so-called children’s lunch. Since my parents are already old, They can’t eat one set meal by themselves, so we adjusted the overall volume with these menus. We were able to eat without leaving until the end. Thank you for the meal!

About Hamanoya

The Hamanoya in Onna Village is said to be the origin of the style of serving fish butter on a steak plate. The predecessor, who was a seaman, opened in 1983 and is a long-established seafood restaurant that has been in business for 40 years. It is located near the roadside station in Onna village, so I would like tourists to visit it. Grilled fish with butter is excellent!

  • Address: Zip
    904-0415 2097 Nakadomari, Onna village, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00~22:00
  • Telephone: 098-965-0870
  • Regular holiday: Irregular holiday
  • Parking: There is a parking lot in front of the store.
  • Price: 600 yen ~ 2,700 yen

The Hamanoya is here ↓

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