Okinawa beach which is perfect for walking even in winter, Hamabaru beach in Onna village


It is fun to swim with tropical fish on the beach in summer Okinawa, but the Okinawa sea in winter also has a different feeling and is comfortable. This time I will introduce the Okinawa beach which is perfect for walking even in winter. Especially when the weather is good, the wind is comfortable and you must feel good. There are few people, perfect for a couple. In the evening you can see the beautiful setting sun, and enjoy the ocean sea without swimming. Please feel free to enjoy shooting the atmosphere with the movie.

Hamabaru beach in Onna village is introduced on this page. If you drive National Route 58 towards Nago City and Motobu town, you pass along the way. There is also a parking lot so it’s perfect for a break in the middle of the drive. Because it is near the “Okashi Goten", it is possible to visit by tourist casually. People who have driven in Okinawa, have you ever seen this parking lot?

Parking lot of Hamabaru beach along national road 58

The view of the ocean from the parking lot is also beautiful. In the middle of the picture below, you can see the Ie Island in the distance.

View from parking lot Hamabaru beach

Hamabaru beach is on the left from the parking lot. You can go to the beach by going down the rock. It may be dangerous for small children. Please be careful. Well you can enjoy the scenery well even if you do not descend to the beach.

You can go to Hamabaru beach by getting off the parking lot rocks

In the summer the beach crowded with tourists of the nearby 'Miyuki Hamabaru Resort Hotel’, in winter there are no people at all. But this quiet beach is also good. Just by walking while listening to the sound of the waves, feelings relax quite a bit. Then please feel the atmosphere of the sea of Okinawa in such winter with the video below.

After all the sound of the waves is good. Even in winter the weather is sunny and the wind is not cold, I feel pretty good. Because there are no other people, the atmosphere is good, perfect for walking. Like this Hamabaru beach, the sea along national highway 58 is in the direction that the setting sun goes down. So the sunset is really beautiful. There are many Okinawa resort hotels along Route 58 because this sunset is beautiful. I certainly would like to couple and visitors as well to enjoy the beach in winter.

Hamabaru beach information
Hamabaru beach in Onna village is on the route 58, a beach casually drops by car. If you drive Okinawa in winter, there is a “Okashi Goten" (sweet garden) near, it is the beach that I want you to drop in by all means. In the summer, the beach crowded with tourists of the nearby hotel, It is perfect for walking in the winter, because few people and quiet. Please stop by a small break in the middle of the drive.

Hamabaru beach is here, located behind “Miyuki Hamabaru Resort" ↓

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