Niku Soba of Habu shokudo, Speaking of Okinawa’s large serving restaurant is here

I went to Okinawa’s biggest dish-serving cafeteria “Habu shokudo (restaurant)”, which has filled the stomach of a port worker in Naha Bego for a long time, and has eaten a Niku Soba (classic meat buckwheat noodle ). Recently, it has been posted in sightseeing guide book, so many tourists came to visit. Habu shokudo is located in Naha Shuffo, so it may be a bit confusing but a signboard is on the road. It is such a signboard.

a signboard of Habu shokudo

The appearance of the restaurant looks like this. It is like a dining room in the harbor. The car is stopped in front of the restaurant, in front of the container, etc. You can easily come by rent-a-car.

Exterior picture of Habu shokudo

It was around 13:00 on weekdays, but the restaurant was almost full. There were plenty to show at the harbor workers, students, tourists and so on. Actually four sets were in line.

Inside shop of Habu shokudo

In the dining hall there is obviously a sharing table, and the elder ladies are making busy cooking. Self service is natural in the restaurant, your orders are directly telled to the elder ladies who are cooking in the kitchen. I ordered a standard Niku soba (750 yen). “No. 8, Niku soba” she will tell the number and cooking name, so wait quietly about the seat. The menu of the Habu Shokudo is like this. It is easy to understand with pictures, but everything is gorgeous! You can not eat absolutely if you are an ordinary woman or child. If you leave well, you can bring it home. It is also like the dining hall of Okinawa.

Menu picture of Habu shokudo 1 Menu picture of Habu shokudo 2

There are also many signs of celebrities and you can see that they have been loved for a long time.

A signature of a celebrity affixed inside the shop of Habu shokudo Picture 2 A signature of a celebrity affixed inside the shop of Habu shokudo Picture 1

I am hungry. Now, it’s finally Niku soba. The soup is spilling out from the beginning because it is too big (laugh). It is OK to hand over the dishes while spilling the soup, that is like a dining room in Okinawa. As Okinawan people is generous and irresponsible,, I ask that you do not complain even if the food is spilled.

Niku soba of Habu shokudo

Stir-fry meat vegetables is overflowing on the Soba. No matter how much I eat, I do not reach up to noodles (laugh). I felt like I got “Eat Eat attack” that Okinawa old ladies are good at (laugh). They are not old ladies, who is actually cooking, but they are a future Okinawa’s old ladies candidate. Noodles are flat noodles, soups are unlike ordinary Okinawa soba with a miso soupy flavor. Stir-frying meat vegetables is also delicious with shakiyaki, and it also matches soup. But, after all it was quite large. It took time to eat, but it deliciously finished till the end.

When you come to sightseeing in Okinawa, please challenge once. It is near from Naha Airport, so it’s easy to come.

Habu shokudo shop information

  • Address :
    900-0035 Okinawa prefectureNaha cityTondou-cho 4−22
  • Phone:098-861-8343
  • Business hours : 11: 00 – 17: 30
  • Holiday : Closed on Sunday and Monday
  • Price:600 yen ~ 750 yen
  • Tablog link:

Habu shokudo is here ↓

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