If you stop by Drive in southern part of Okinawa, Gushikami Drive-in is recommended

On sunny days it is nice to drive. Pleasant blue sky in Okinawa, and the drive while watching the beautiful sea is the best feeling. If you drive southern part of Okinawa, there is a drive-in restaurant that I recommend. That is “Gushikami Drive in”. It is a restaurant that has been loved by many of the locals for many years. The lunch menu unique to Okinawa is rich in volume, said A lunch or B lunch.

Gushikami Drive In is located along the main street of the south part of Okinawa, Route 331. In Okinawa it is a light yellow building that I do not see much. Perhaps it is a well-established restaurant with over 40 years of establishment, I feel the style of a well-established restaurant from the exterior of the building. The inside of the restaurant is also old, and it is the atmosphere of a country restaurant in Okinawa. I personally like the atmosphere like this. Even children can feel free to enter.

The interior of Gushikami Drive in 2

The interior of Gushikami Drive in 1

This is the menu of the Gushikami Drive In. It is a rural restaurant in Okinawa, where volume and price are likely to be well balanced.

the menu of the Gushikami Drive In 1

the menu of the Gushikami Drive In 2

the menu of the Gushikami Drive In 3

Although I was lost for what to do, after all it is A lunch that speaks of Okinawa lunch. And ordered the popular Makunochi set menu for local old peaple. I was looking forward to what taste the A lunch of Gushikami Drive-in is.

A lunch

This is Gushikami Driving In’s A lunch. It is plentiful in volume. It is A lunch of Okinawa with plenty of volume and calories, including bonkets, chicken cutlets, fried shrimp, ham, fried eggs, fried potatoes, salads, soups and rice. It is not such a strong seasoning, but if you do, you can eat it smoothly. I ate it with surprise.

Makunouchi set menu

And this is the Makunouchi set menu, popular with local old people. Contrary to A lunch, it was menu that made tempura, boiled, sashimi, and contrasted with A lunch. It is also easy to taste and you can see the reasons popular among local elderly people. For hot summers it may be better not to have A-lunch but Makunouchi set menu.

Gushikami Drive in restaurant infromation
A long-established, drive-in restaurant that has been loved by local people in Yaese town, Gushikami drive in. It is a crowded restaurant with local people for lunch and night. When you are driving in the southern part of Okinawa, if you wonder which restaurant to use, Gushikami drive in is recommended. Menu is also abundant. In Okinawa’s relaxed atmosphere, you can taste a lot of dishes.

  • Address:
    901-0512 Gushikami 975-1, Yaese town, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-23:00
  • Telephone: 098-998-5245
  • Closed: Thursday
  • Car parking: There is a parking space next to the store
  • Price: 450 yen ~ 1,700 yen

Gushikami Drive in is here ↓

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