Steak restaurant long loved in Itoman City “Greenfield”

Long-established steak restaurant “Greenfield” that has been loved for over 30 years in Itoman city of Uminchu Town (Umincyu means fisher man). They are satisfied with the meat of the Greenfield, Okinawa people in the meat lover. It is popular not only steak but beef stew is tasty. This time I ate a standard rib steak.

Greenfield is located along Route 331 which is locally called Itoman Road. If you drive in the south direction, you will see it on the left. As the name of the store, it is inside the shop based on green. After all the manager probably likes green.

A view of the Steakhouse Greenfield inside

There are only six items in the menu, specialty restaurant. Simply stated, hamburger, steak and stew. As expected. The menu is easy to understand with a picture of cooking.

Greenfiels menu image 1  Greenfiels menu image 1

This time I ate a rib steak set (200 g) for the standard. You can choose the favorite baked condition such as medium, rare, and weldon. Set is salad, rice, steak with coffee at 1,400 yen. It is reasonably priced for lunch.

Greenfield rib steak set

The meat is soft, is a balance of fat and red meat is well easy to eat. There is sweet fatty body, eating is perfect, you can enjoy the original taste of meat. Salt pepper is also tasty enough, but after all we have to try A – 1 sauce when we come to Okinawa ‘s steakhouse. The acidity of the A – 1 sauce really fits the steak well. This volume of volume can be eaten at 1,400 yen. I understood that it was loved by locals for a long time. Next time I would like to try beef stew.

Greenfield restaurant information
Steakhouse Greenfield, which is beloved for over 30 years in Itoman City. You can enjoy cheap, tasty steak and hamburger steak. It was also taken up on nationwide TV programs, and recently a lot of tourists have come to visit. There is a hamburger set (575 yen) for children, even family members with children OK. If you come to Itoman City, please visit Greenfield. You can enjoy tasty and cheap steak.

  • Address :
    901-0303 Kaneshiro 505-3 Itoman-shiOkinawa, Japan
  • Parking lot : 4 to 5 parking spaces in front of the restaurant
  • Phone number:098-994-0012
  • Business hour:11:00-21:00
  • Holiday : Wednesday
  • Price:575 yen ~ 2,850 yen

Greenfield is here ↓

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