GON, the name is a bit strange but tasty Okinawa soba restaurant

If you are running north of Okinawa’s aorta, Route 58, you will find Okinawa soba restaurant with a little interesting shop name. Its name is GON. Although I was curious about it before, I did not have a chance to get in easily. Still, while I was going to the north with a little errand, I dropped in. By the way, the origin of the name is shopkeeper nickname “GON”. It was a convincing store name when told.

The GON is in Yomitan-son near the middle of Okinawa. This oreange sign is a landmark.

oreange sign is a landmark from route 58

The interior is like this. I feel like a typical Okinawa soba restaurant. Since I entered near lunch time at weekday, there were only a few guests inside the shop.

Inside shop of GON

Well, the menu of GON is five kinds of soki soba, Nankotsu soba (cartilage buckwheat soba), Sanmainiku soba, kake soba, and mix soba with three types of meat including soki, cartilage saw, and sanmainiku. Although I was slightly attracted by the mix soba, this time I ordered Nankotsu soba (large).

Nankotsu soba (large)

The noodles are a rare middle-size straight noodle in Okinawa soba. It is easy to eat, there is moderate crunch. It matches well with soba soup. Soba soup is based on pig bones, and the taste of soup is steady. It is a light taste, and since the soup stock is solid, it is crisp but it is not light. I think that it will be satisfied also in Among the “Ajikuta (Okinawa dialect)” who likes strong seasoning.

The artilage saw is also soft and crispy, it tastes good. Overall the taste was gathered and it was Okinawa soba which was very easy to eat. The Koregusu also matches well. There are four cartilage soki, so my stomach was also satisfied! It was delicious. Next time I would like to eat Mix Soba.

GON information
Actually, The GON was shined “The 3 rd Okinawa soba king”. So it was delicious. I did not know when I went to the shop. Apart from Yomitan village I went to, there were shops in Okinawa City and Ginowan City. It seems that these reputation of this store is also good, so I would like to go and see next time. If you are Okinawa traveler, I think that Yomitan village along line 58 will be easy to enter.

  • Address :
    904-0303 230-2, Iramine, Yomitan-son, Okinawa
  • Open : 11:00-17:00
  • Telephone : 098-956-1085
  • Holiday : None
  • Parking lot: There are 7 to 8 parking spaces in front of the store
  • Price : 330 yen ~ 750 yen

GON is here ↓

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