Good Tsukemen Ramen restaurant in Okinawa City, Menya-Gochi

There is a narrow trail that enters a side street, a long slope road, and a famous restaurant of Ramen and Tsukemen which is a place that it is difficult to understand. That is Menya-Gochi in Okinawa city. It is a ramen shop in an incomprehensible place, but it is a famous restaurant where visitors are constantly coming to visit. I have eaten such Gochi’s Tsukemen and Mazemen.

Menya-Gochi is located near “Kodomono Kuhi” in Okinawa City. Since it is located down a narrow side street, I think that it is better to go to with Google Map in advance to check the place.


The inside of Menya-Gochi’s shop is like this. BGM’s Jazz is flowing in chic lighting, it is a shop in an atmosphere that we can not imagine as a ramen shop.

The inside of Menya-Gochi 1

The inside of Menya-Gochi 2

The menu of Menya-Gochi is like this. Surprisingly there are many ramen menus. I was attracted to ramen, but this time I ordered Tsukemen and Mazemen. Tsukemen of popular shops in Okinawa City, I was looking forward to what kind of taste it is.

The menu of Menya-Gochi 1

The menu of Menya-Gochi 5

The menu of Menya-Gochi 4

The menu of Menya-Gochi 3

The menu of Menya-Gochi 2

Gochi’s Tsukemen came. Looks delicious.


First of all I ate tsukemen noodles as they are. It was strong noodle, it was a noodle with eating response that has mouthfeel. There was quite a chewy response. It is chicken and pi’s double hot soup to match such a strong noodle. It was a rich and strong taste soup that can not be defeated by strong noodles. Because the salty taste of the soup was strong, I think that it is better to taste with taste soup according to your preference. Yuzu and leaves were refreshing noodles.

Next I ate “Taiwan Mazesoba”.

Taiwan Mazesoba

I mixed it with excitement and ate it. The scent of spices such as octagon and pepper works, it was good Mazesoba. It seems to be in Taiwan with Chinese-style seasoning, it matched well for thick noodles. The scent of spice and pungent were well matched, and I could eat steadily. After having finished eating Mazesoba, it was followed by rice. The texture also changed here, and it was delicious until the end.


Menya-Gochi restaurant information
Tsukemen and Mazemen are tasty, a hidden restaurant in Okinawa City, Menya-Gochi. Iriko Dashi with Japan’s highest peak and chicken and pig double hot water soup are pretty tasty. Ramen menu is surprisingly abundantly and I would like to try ramen when I go next time.

  • Address:
    904-0021 Goya 5-10-15, Okinawa city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-21:00
  • Telephone: 098-989-8793
  • Closed: Thursday
  • Car parking: There is a parking lot in front of the store
  • Price: 700 yen ~ 900 yen

Menya-Gochi is here ↓

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