Ginowan Soba the Okinawa soba restaurant where fluffy eggs and island salt collaborate with each other.

Ginowan Soba is a delicious Okinawan soba restaurant where fluffy eggs and shima-maas (maas means salt in Okinawan dialect) create an exquisite collaboration. The soup is available in rich or light flavors, and you can choose from four types of noodles: thin noodles, thick noodles, chilled noodles, and raw noodles, allowing you to pursue your own personal taste. This time I went to Ginowan Soba and had some delicious Okinawa soba.

Ginowan Soba is located on a side street from Route 330, which runs through the center of Okinawa. Next to the Ginowan Soba restaurant is the famous Uema Tempura restaurant in Okinawa, so it’s easy to find this restaurant. The interior of Ginowan Soba looks like this, and it has the atmosphere of an Okinawan soba restaurant.

Photo of Ginowan Soba

When you enter the restaurant, there is a food ticket machine on the left hand side.

food ticket machine in Ginowan soba

The menu is full of Okinawan soba, but if you come to Ginowan Soba, you must try the “Nuchimasu Shio-Katsuo Soba”. This is the best Okinawa soba that was introduced on a local program in Okinawa. Then there’s Ginowan Soba, which comes in three types of meat: tebbiti, cartilage soki, and sanmainiku. And to my delight, families with small children can get up to 3 sets of children’s sets for free. 3 sets of children’s sets for free is very generous. It’s a very nice service with kids.

Nuchimasu Shio-Katsuo Soba

This is the Nuchimasu Shio-Katsuo Soba. I added some Nuchimasu salt to taste and the eggs puffed up as I poured the soup. It looks very tasty.

I added some Nuchimasu salt to taste and the eggs puffed up as I poured the soup

First, I took a sip of the soup. The fresh, clear umami and salty taste was excellent. The taste was refreshing, but it was not thin and had a pleasant pure umami and saltiness. Nothing but delicious! A fried egg absorbs the soup and swells to a fluffy consistency. The noodles and soup were delicious. It’s definitely a good Okinawan soba.

Ginowan soba rich taste

And this is Ginowan Soba with three kinds of meat on top: tebbiti, cartilage soki, and sanmainiku. The Nuchimasu Shio-Katsuo Soba was light in flavor, so I chose the pork-based soup with a rich flavor. From the color of the soup, I have a hunch that it is a thick pork bone soup. And once I took a sip, it was clear to me that my premonition was not wrong. It’s Okinawan soba that looks just like Tonkotsu ramen. Adding garlic as a topping brings the flavor of Tonkotsu ramen even closer. I was surprised by the difference in the taste of the soup, since the Nuchimasu salted bonito soba was light in taste.

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the children's soba set

And this is the children’s soba set. It’s a very nice service that comes with Okinawan noodles and juicy food, and it’s free for up to three sets for a family. My kids were happy to eat it too.

About Ginowan soba

You can choose between a light or thick soup and four different types of noodles, allowing you to pursue your own personal taste of Ginowan-soba. The Nuchimasu Shio-Katsuo Soba is especially delicious, and I highly recommend you try it at least once. For families with small children, the restaurant is also family friendly, with a free children’s set!

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