Okinawa’s Tsukemen giant Garyuya, Tsukemen, Ramen and puddings are delicious!

Tsukemen, which has recently become well established in Okinawa. Tsukemen with eating responses noodle to thick soup is becoming a staple of Okinawa’s lunch menu following Okinawa soba, ramen. Speaking of popular Tsukemen shops in Okinawa, Jinbei, Sanchikuju, Taishouken, Menya KEIJIRO, etc. are famous. But I should not forget Garyuya! Not only Tsukemen, Ramen is also an exquisite shop, I went to Garyuya to try that taste.

The Garyuya is located along Route 29. Because there is the University of the Ryukyus near, it is a popular ramen shop crowded with students at lunchtime. This signboard of this big “らぁ” is a landmark.


The inside of the store has counter and table seats. As expected it was a popular ramen shop, I visited after 1 p.m. on weekdays, but I waited for a while with full occupancy. The interior is like this.

The interior of Garyuya 1

The interior of Garyuya 2

If you give a ticket hanging on the wall the order is OK. Since I came with my child this time, I ordered a Tsukemen noodle set and a ramen set. I also applied pudding to the dessert after lunch.

a ticket hanging on the wall

Well, this is the Tsukemen set of Garyuya. Fried chicken, rice, extra tsukemen soup is attached and this volume. I wonder if I can eat it.

Tsukemen set of Garyuya

First I would drink a sip of soup. It is a soup of rich pork bone soy sauce that seafood compost well works. This is pretty tasty. Eating after being mixed up with noodles, it is still good! Also added to the thick soup stock is the pungent taste of soy sauce, although the taste is quite tasty, but it is good! It is truly a big foot of the Okinawa Tsukemen world. Even so, the set with fried chicken and rice had quite a volume, and I got quite a stomach full.

My daughter ordered a Tonkotsu ramen set. Also fried chicken, rice, and Kaedama (1 more noodle) are quite a volume.

Tonkotsu ramen set

Tonkotsu ramen surprisingly feels a refreshing flavor with less smell of pig bones. Fine pork bone soup and straight noodle. This was quite tasty Tonkotsu ramen. My 10 year old daughter also ate steadily. Besides, she ate Kaedama (1 more noodle), rice and fried chicken. There was a considerable volume, but it seems to be just right for children who have entered the growing season.


And for the dessert after eating pudding. This pudding was also rich enough to be surprised and creamy. It was a serious delicious taste that could not be thought of as a ramen shop. I was surprised. This is a pudding I want you to eat. It was serious and good. By the way, the sister store Garyu-ya’s pudding was also delicious.

Garyuya shop information
Tsukemen and ramen until the pudding after meal, super rich and exquisite shop, the Garyuya. Especially the pudding is unexpectedly delicious! I want you to think that once deceived you should eat it. I think the set menu is also perfect for a family with a volume full scale and a child in the growing season. Please try and taste rich noodles and pudding.

  • Address:
    901-2424 Minamiuebaru 966, Nakagucuku village, Okinawa
  • Open 11:30-23:30
  • Telephone: 098-895-6557
  • Closed: Tuesday
  • Parking: There is a parking lot on the back of the store
  • Price: 750 yen ~ 1,110 yen

Garyuya is here ↓

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