Rich fish and chicken Tsukemen is delicious, Omake-dare is also good Garyu-ya

Okinawa soba is good. Rich ramen is also good. But occasionally you will want to eat delicious Tsukemen. A heavy soup, thick noodles with eating response. There are times when I want to eat such good tasting Tsukemen. So, I went to a rich and delicious Tsukemen shop “Garyu-ya”. The Garyu-ya is famous as a rich Tsukemen for fish and chicken soup stock. I have tried that taste, so I will introduce it to everyone.

Garyu-ya is in Awase, Okinawa city. Because there is a prefectural general exercise park nearby, I think that you can stop by for a walk or exercise. The day I went was a bit bad weather, but the appearance of the store is as fashionable as it can not be seen at the ramen shop at first glance. Inside the store is a counter and a table seat. There is no ramen shop in the shop, it is a little fashionable atmosphere.

Garyu-ya inside photo 1

Garyu-ya inside photo 2

How to order in Garyu-ya is a bit different. It is a system to order a small menu card installed in the table to a clerk for ordering. Although Garyu-ya is famous as Tsukemen shop, there are also Tonkotsu ramen, salt ramen, soy sauce ramen. This time I wanted to eat Tsukemen instead of ramen, so I ordered a Tsukemen without hesitation. I was looking forward to see what kind of flavored Tsukemen was coming.

How to order in Garyu-ya

Tsukeme noodles came when waiting for a while. Boiled eggs and vegetables were on top of the noodles and it looked delicious.


First of all, I try to taste the noodles themselves without attaching to the Tsukemen soup. It is medium sized noodles with chewy resilience of elasticity. It seems to be suitable for a Tsukemen soup with a thick texture of crane. Then, soak in the soup, taste the tsukemen. The thick fish soup of the seafood and chicken soup spreaded in my mouth. This was good! In addition to the noodles, spinach of toppings, cabbage and squash were also well matched to thick Tsukemen soup. The texture changes as well and we can eat rich Tsukemen soup with different flavors.

An interesting attempt at Garyu-ya is “Omake-dare (mean bonus soup)”. A small cup in the middle of the photo above is a bonus soup. In order to have Tsukemen deliciously tasted until the end, extra taste soup different from Tsukemen soup is attached with Tsukemen. This day was a curry flavorful soup. It is a rich tsukemen soup, but we are getting tired of having the same taste after all. I thought that this extra soup is innovative and good attempt. Daily change every day It seems that the Omake-dare will change. There is also pleasure to go out for another day.

Garyu-ya shop infromation
At Garyu-ya we can eat rich fish and chicken Tsukemen. I tried Tsukemen this time, but I thought that I would like to eat ramen. It was such a delicious shop. A burnt stone was contained in the bottom of the container of Tsukemen soup, I also felt the friendly feelings of the shopkeepers so that we can warmly eat Tsukemen noodles until the end.

One last thing to note. The parking lot of Garyu-ya is a parking lot across the road, but the entrance is a little far away. The red part of the photo below is a parking space, please park in advance.

The parking lot of Garyu-ya

Garyu-ya is here ↓

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