Recommended for Korean lovers Senbero pub “Gamihonten”

Not only the Makishi Public Market in Naha City, Senbero Tavern has gradually increased throughout Okinawa. Senbero, which is made up of 3 cups of alcohol and a snack for a thousand yen, is a wonderful system that is friendly to the wallet of okinawa people for liquor lovers. With the increasing variety of Senbero taverns, it has become fun to drink and drink. Meanwhile, Senbero Tavern, which offers Korean cuisine, has opened near Makishi Public Market. That’s Gamihonten. It is a Senbero pub recommended for Korean lovers. I have been drinking several times, so this time I would like to introduce the Gamihonten.

Gamihonten is located at the back of Heiwa Avenue. About 8 minutes on foot from Monorail Makishi Station, it can be found that you are walking around Makishi Public Market. I think tourists can come here casually. The restaurant is bright and clean as it is a new store opened in 2018.

The inside of Gamihonten

First, I entered the Gamihonten and ordered Senbero. First of all, it’s a well-cold draft beer.

well-cold draft beer

The little doll next to the beer will be my drink. This is the menu of the Gamihonten. I was wondering what to do with the knob, but at first I ordered a Dejipurukogi. Authentic Korean home cooking cooked by Korean chefs. I was looking forward to what it tastes like.

Draft beer and Dejipurukogi

Dejipurukogi was carried with a delicious smell drifting on a hot plate. I ordered a second beer at the time the food was delivered. The combination of hot digipurukogi and cold beer is the best. Of course the taste of the food was also good! It’s kinda hot, but the hot taste makes me drink the beer more and more. The Korean chef cooks, so we can enjoy authentic Korean cuisine. It is a good value that we can enjoy sake and authentic Korean home cooking for a thousand yen.

Another day I went to the Gamihonten again. I ordered cheese tacklebi on this day. A cheese tacklebi that has been carried with a whirl of noise on a hot plate. You can see that it is delicious just by looking at it.

Draft beer and cheese tacklebi

The rich umami and pungent taste of the melty cheese matches exquisitely, and it’s good to say Delicous again! Compatibility with beer was also outstanding. There are also 6 kinds of knobs on the Senbero, and I wanted to try other menus. However, I wanted to visit other Senbero pubs on this day, so I endured it here.

This is a tasteful home-style restaurant where we can taste authentic Korean home-style food besides the Senbero menu. This is the menu.

The menu of Gamihonten 1

The menu of Gamihonten 2

The menu of Gamihonten 3

Senbero drinks are not only draft beer but also Awamori, Chuhi and Maccoli. I think that it is only this Gamihonten that there is a Maccoli in Senbero.



Awamori looks like water if it is glass.

About Gamihonten

The Gamihonten where you can enjoy authentic Korean home-cooked food prepared by authentic Korean chefs at reasonable prices. It seems that there is also a great lunch set with plenty of Senbero menu. There are Korean music videos in the store, and it is a good bar for people who like sake and Korean music.

Gamihonten is here ↓

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