The original ancestor and the main home of Soki soba, Gabusoka shokudo

Speaking of Okinawa soba, it is Soki soba. It is the original ancestor and the main house of Soki soba is Gabusoka shokudo in Nago City. Soki soba now spreading to the Okinawa restaurant in all over Japan, it started from this Gabusoka shokudo. I ate authentic Soki soba at the Gabusoka shokudo, the originator and in the main house of such a Soki soba.

Gabusoka shokudo is located in Nago city. This red signboard is a landmark. It is written properly on the signboard as the main house of Soki soba.

Signboard of the Gabusoka shokudo

Goodwill of the entrance writes as the originator (laugh). As expected, it is the original and the main home of Soki soba. There is no false lie on the signboard.

Goodwill of the Gabusoka shokudo

The inside of the store feels like a soba shop in Okinawa, and a relaxed atmosphere is drifting. Although it is the original and the main home of Soki soba, there are few local tourists, many local older men and women.

The inside of the store

The menu of Gabusoka shokudo is this. In addition to Soki soba, there are also 3 mainiku soba and Tebichi soba. However, it is still the original and main home of Soki soba. Let’s order Soki soba (large) here.

The menu of Gabusoka shokudo

Now, Soki soba (large), the original and the main home, arrived. There are 5 large Soki and there are volumes. Soup which boiled a large amount of tonkots for a long time, is so rich. The taste of soup is rich, but it is easy to eat because it has less fat and less persistence. As expected it is a shop where local older people come through. Even seniors can eat deliciously.

Since I have been eating Soki soba at this Gabusoka Shokudo since I was a child, speaking of Soki soba, I remember this Gabusoka shokudo. Sometimes I want to eat asexually. After all it is delicious whenever you go.

Soki soba of Gabusoka shokudo

About Gabusoka shokudo
It is thought that “Konayu” which was transmitted from China about 500 years ago from now, is the source of Okinawa soba. The beginning seems to have been eaten as a court dish of the Ryukyu dynasty. Now it is widely accepted as the representative of the prefectural citizen, and is familiar with daily life such as lunch and dinner of the Okinawan citizen.

Approximately 50 years ago, the founder of the Gabusoka shokudo launched Pork rib (Soki) on the side of Okinawa soba and gave it to customers, it seems that they got very popular. That was the origin of Soki soba. And now it has expanded not only within Okinawa but also throughout Japan.

The Gabusoka shokudo is indeed the original ancestry and the main home of Soki soba. A free study on summer vacation that examined Okinawa soba was set up in the store. It was pretty good drawing and it was fun. Maybe the next shop owner wrote it.

A free study on summer vacation

  • Address:
    905-1155 177 Gabusoka, Nago city, Okinawa
  • Open: 10:00~18:00
  • Telephone: 0980-52-2888
  • Holiday: Monday
  • Parking: The front of the shop is a parking lot
  • Price: 500 yen ~ 750 yen

Gabusoka shokudo (main store) is here ↓

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