Delicious Okinawa soba using fresh Okinawa fish, Fuukaki soba

There are many delicious Okinawa soba restaurants in Okinawa. The soup stock of Okinawa soba is basically a combination of pork bones, bonito, kelp, soy sauce. Under such circumstances, I found a delicious Okinawa soba restaurant using fresh and delicious fish from Okinawa (called dialect of Imaiyu in dialect). That is “Fuukaki soba” in Uruma City. I have eaten elegant and delicious Okinawa soba using Okinawan fresh fish caught by the owner.

The Fuukaki soba is located in Uken, Uruma city. It is along National Highway 224 and this sign is a landmark.

a landmark of Fuukaki soba

Because it is still a new store, the restaurant is very beautiful. Inside this Okinawan small boat is displayed. It is quite unusual to imagine Okinawan fishing.

Inside photo of Fuukaki soba 1

Inside photo of Fuukaki soba 2

And this is the menu for the Fuukaki soba. Even in Okinawa in December, there were many hot days that exceeded 20 degrees Celsius, and I was a little attracted by the ice Zenzai.

the menu for the Fuukaki soba

I came with kids on this day, so I ordered 2 kinds of Okinawa soba. Okinawa soba using fresh fish caught by the owner himself was looking forward to the taste.

Umikaji soba

And this is Umikaji soba (large). Okinawa soba is famous for its soup made from bonito, kelp, clams, and the fishes they own. Okinawa soba with Asari and Aasa was the first time. Let’s start with a bite of soup. A clear, transparent and elegant soup. This was so delicious. This was my first taste of Okinawa soba. It had a clean and elegant taste, but it was not thin and the rich umami of seafood soup was solid. Chijire noodles match this elegant soup. It was a delicious noodle that was tightly entangled with the soup. The clams were very tasty and we had the last bite of the soup.

Fuukaki soba (large)

And this is another Fuukaki soba (large). The soup made from prefecture pork, bonito, kelp, and fish tastes different from Umikaji soba. Of course this was also an exquisite dish. The cartilage soki was soft and soft, the soup taste was refined, rich and clean, and it was very delicious Okinawa soba. It is said that the oil is carefully removed when making the soup, so it is finished in a refreshing and elegant soup with less fat. This was also an exquisite Okinawa soba.

About Fuukaki soba

Okinawa soba restaurant using fish caught by the owner. The soup using Okinawan fish has a refined and refreshing taste, and made me feel a different taste of Okinawa soba. The owner makes the soup using the fish he caught himself, so it seems that the taste changes little by little every day, which is also good. Today’s fish are also presented like this.

Today's fish are also presented

The Fuukaki soba is here ↓

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