The restaurant Old-fashioned Okinawan cuisine and Soki soba are delicious Furusato

The department store that has long been popular in Okinawa is “Ryubou” in Naha city. At the entrance of the Kokusai-dori (international street), located in front of Okinawa Prefectural Government Office, it is crowded with locals and tourists many times ago. There is a delicious shop of old-fashioned Okinawan cuisine and Soki soba in the department store Ryobou that is familiar with such local people. That is “Furusato”. As a delicious Okinawa soba store, people who know it are shops. This time I will introduce Okinawa soba of Furusato.

Furusato is located on the basement floor of the Ryubou. As they sell restaurants and groceries under the basement of the department store, we can get hungry just by walking. If you are walking while hungry, you can also meet Furusato.

Furusato located on the basement floor of the Ryubou

Furusato’s menu is like this. Okinawa cuisine set meal and Okinawa soba are the center of the menu. It is easy to understand because it is properly displayed.

Furusato's menu 1

Furusato's menu 2

Inside the store, there are still many female customers. It was afternoon on weekdays, but there were many elder ladies in the process of shopping.

Inside photo of Furusato

Well, this time I dd not want to eat Okinawan cuisine, but I’d like to eat Soki soba. Order Okinawa marugoto soba where Sanmainiku, Soki and cartilage soki were all on the noodle. After all, I was always looking forward to the first Okinawa soba to eat at the first shop.

Okinawa marugoto soba

The Okinawa marugoto soba came. Soki, cartilage soki, Sanmainiku are delicious Okinawa soba. When I drunk a soup, it’s easy to eat taste. It is perfect for hot Okinawa. The soup was refreshing, but the meat is a solid seasoning. The balance of this taste was good. Noodles are medium thick straight noodles. It matches well with the soup of taste. It’s a refreshing soup, but when you insert a Koregoose it will get a deep rich. I understand why older women love it.

Furusato shop infomation
Okinawa soba with a refreshing taste perfect for hot Okinawa is a delicious in Furusato. Many old-fashioned Okinawan cuisines are also good, I think that it is a shop that you can enjoy deliciously from local women to tourists. I think that it is easy for tourists to come because it is located on the basement floor of the Ryubou at the entrance of the Kokusai-dori (international street) and it is also close to the monorail Kenchoumaeeki station. If you get lost for lunch in Naha sightseeing, I think Furasato is good. Not only Okinawa soba, but also various Okinawan cuisines can be enjoyed.

I am also interested in Mokuhai soba with only 10 meals a day. I will ask it when next time.

  • Address:
    900-8503 1-1-1 Kumoji, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 10:00-22:00
  • Telephone: 098-862-0979
  • Closed: None
  • Car parking: Please use the parking lot of Ryubou
  • Price: 700 yen ~ 1,700 yen

The Ryubou is here ↓ It is on the basement floor of the Ryubou

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