I ate a lot of sweets lunch buffet at Naha Loisir Hotel

Happy Senior Day is near, so I occasionally went to eat delicious with my parents. Since I go out with my parents after a long absence, I went to eat Hotel Buffet, which I have never been to. So we chose Loisir hotels in Naha. It is a hotel near Naha harbor, but I have never be before. We ate a lunch buffet at such a restaurant at Loisir Hotel “Fontaine”.

Fontaine is on the left hand side at the front entrance of the Loisir hotel. It is located along the courtyard where the fountain is visible, and it feels a very bright atmosphere if the weather is nice.


Although we visited at lunchtime on weekdays, there were many female customers and the interior of the restaurant was crowded.

Inside photo of Fontaine 1

Inside photo of Fontaine 2

Then see the dishes you care about. It was a fair of shrimp cuisine on this day, so there were many dishes using shrimp. As a shrimp lover I was quite happy miscalculation. This is not all of the buffet dish, but I’m happy if it conveys only the atmosphere.

the buffet dish of Fontaine 1

the buffet dish of Fontaine 2

the buffet dish of Fontaine 3


Pretty rich variety of dishes. I shot with my smart camera, so I could not shoot all the dishes. It is a pity that I can not tell the deliciousness of dishes if I only shoot smartphones. Honestly, I could not photograph all the dishes, but I’d appreciate it will be appreciated that the variety of dishes is rich.

First is the first dish. Shrimp dish and Teppanyaki steak seemed to be delicious, then started.

the first dish

Please acknowledge that it is not good at being ready. I am pleased if taste can be transmitted even a bit. First of all I’ll get it from the shrimp salted. Shrimp itself can be tasted simple, I wanted shrimp lovers to eat it. Teppanyaki steak also baked in front of us and it was so juicy because it was freshly baked. It is luxurious to eat as much steak and shrimp dish as you like.

the buffet dish of Fontaine 4

Teppanyaki steak

Then the second dish. Teppanyaki steak was delicious, so I replaced it.

the second dish

Miso soup which used a lot of shrimp and crab luxuriously seemed delicious, so add this too. Seafood dashi showed up well, it was a delicious miso soup.

Miso soup which used a lot of shrimp and crab

Then 3rd plate. As unusual for hotel buffet, there was kebab so I choose kebab as well. Buffet is a nice place to eat dishes we do not usually eat.

3rd plate


I tried eating carbohydrate-based dishes such as pasta and jambalaya. I was pretty much full, but I could eat delicious yet because the shrimp was so much. A little more, I wanted to eat steak, so 4th dish.

4th dish

For this lunch buffet, I prepared less breakfast. After all I would like to enjoy various dishes. Still, when it was 4th plate, I became quite full.

Rest a little, and then sweets. Fortunately Fontaine is rich in sweets types! If there are so many kinds of sweets, my passion would rise.

many kinds of sweets in Fontaine 1

many kinds of sweets in Fontaine 3

many kinds of sweets in Fontaine 2

First sweets 1st dish. Because there were many sweets that I wanted to eat, I chose one by one in order.

sweets 1st dish

There were a lot of cakes and jelly. We ate alternately so as not to get bored with the sweetness. The combination of coffee and sweets will somehow went into my stomach of full stomach. Next, the second dish of sweets.

the second dish of sweets

Since there are many kinds of cakes, I picked it only on the plate and brought it. I brought as much as my parents were surprised.

the third dish of sweets

As expected I was quite full of stomach if I ate this sweets. I could not finish eating alone, so I ate with my parents. It was delicious until the end. Thank you for the meal.

About Fontaine in Loisir Hotel Naha
Fontaine is the meaning of “fountain” in French. It is a buffet restaurant where we can enjoy morning, lunch, tea time and dinner while watching the sunny fountain terrace. Because there are many kinds of sweets, it is recommended for filial duty and family service. Next time I would like to take a child.

  • Address: 〒
    900-0036 Nishi 3-2-1, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Telephone: 098-868-2222
  • No regular holiday
  • Car parking: Hotel parking is available
  • Morning 7:00~10:00
    Lunch 11:30~14:30
    Tea time 15:00~17:30
    Dinner 18:00~22:00
  • Price: Lunch weekday adult 2,400 yen Children 1,000 yen Infants free

Loisir Hotel Naha is here ↓

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