If you want to eat a lot of meat, we recommend FOGO BRAZIL, an all-you-can-eat churrasco restaurant

The Corona disaster has prevented us from enjoying eating out as much as we would like, and it’s a little depressing every day. Even in such a situation, you still get hungry. There are times when you want to eat a lot of meat to cheer yourself up. For such times, I recommend FOGO BRAZIL in Chatan Town. It is a rare restaurant in Okinawa that serves all-you-can-eat churrasco. Churrasco is a meat dish commonly found in South America, where chunks of meat are skewered and grilled. In this world of Corona, we ate gutsy meat at FOGO BRAZIL to regain some energy.

FOGO BRAZIL is located along the seafront from the American Village in Chatan Town, a tourist spot in Okinawa. Right in front of the restaurant is the beautiful ocean of Chatan Town. Unfortunately, it was a cloudy day when I visited FOGO BRAZIL, but on a clear day, you can enjoy the beautiful Okinawan sea.

The beach at Chatan in front of FOGO BRAZIL

The interior of FOGO BRAZIL is very stylish and beautiful. South American music is playing, and the store is full of exoticism.


FOGO BRAZIL is an all-you-can-eat restaurant, which includes a salad bar, buffet, and drink bar. It also offers all-you-can-eat freshly grilled cherasco. You can enjoy South American a lot of meat dishes.

FOGO BRAZIL salad bar

FOGO BRAZIL lunch buffet

FOGO BRAZIL drink bar

First, got a salad from the salad bar and wait for the freshly grilled churrasco. The chef will bring the freshly cooked churrasco directly to each table. We take the churrasco with tongs and eat it.

The chef will bring the freshly cooked churrasco directly to each table

This is the restaurant’s most popular churrasco, Ichibos (beef butt). Look at the juices pouring out of the meat. You can tell just by looking at it that it is very juicy.

the restaurant's most popular churrasco, Ichibos (beef butt)

Of course it tasted great! The only seasoning seemed to be salt, but the umami of the pure beef kept flooding my mouth. No matter how hard I chewed, the juices just kept flowing. This is churrasco. As expected of Brazil, where meat is a staple food, they know how to eat meat well.

Churrasco Pork

Of course, churrasco is not limited to beef, but pork and chicken are also available. The picture above is pork. This too seems to be seasoned only with salt, but since it was marinated in herbs overnight, it is more tender than you would expect. It was cooked well to the center.

More and more chefs are bringing in the churrasco meat

Churrasco was brought in rapidly. There are always five to six types of Churrasco, including beef, pork, chicken, and Brazilian sausage. More and more Churrasco will be brought to you until you tell them to stop. If you eat all of them, you will be quite full. The cheese bread that was brought on the way was also quite delicious.

The cheese bread

Since it was freshly baked, the cheese aroma was quite strong and the bread was crunchy on the outside and quite chunky on the inside. It was the perfect palate cleanser filled with the taste of meat. This was a delicious cheese bread that makes you want to eat several of them by itself.

The last sweet treat brought to the table was, oh my god, grilled pineapple!

Grilled pineapple to be brought at the end

Grilled pineapple

The grilled pineapple was just a sweet pineapple with cinnamon on it. When I took a bite, the pineapple juice pops in my mouth. The grilling further enhances the sweetness of the pineapple. The fresh aroma of cinnamon matches perfectly with the pineapple juice, refreshing your palate after eating so much meat. I enjoyed it to the very end.

Churrasco is a South American dish that is not very familiar in Okinawa. However, Brazilians know how to eat meat well. I was able to fully enjoy a meat dish that was a little different from steak or grilled meat. Perhaps because the restaurant is located in Chatan Town, there were many U.S. military personnel who came to the restaurant, and we heard not only Japanese and English, but also Portuguese, making us wonder where we were. The chef had a good grasp of the situation at each table and brought the meat to us at the right time.

  • Address: Zip
    904-1115, Okinawa, Chatan Town, Mihama 51-2
  • Telephone: +81989885029
  • Closed: None
  • Parking: Shared parking lot in Chatan Town is available.
  • 11:00~20:00
  • Price: Lunch 3,500 yen, Dinner 6,000 yen (tax not included, 10% gratuity fee applies)

FOGO BRAZIL is here ↓

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