Restaurant Flipper Steaks and homemade pies are delicious

A long-established restaurant that has continued to provide delicious steaks and homemade pies for more than 46 years since 1971, Flipper. It is a popular steak restaurant not only from local Nago citizens but also from tourists. Salt and pepper, A1 sauce, homemade steak sauce and 3 different flavors, you can eat steak deliciously. I ate such a delicious steak and handmade pie, so I will introduce it to everyone.

Restaurant Flipper is along the coastline when going from Nago city to Motobu town. If you drive towards the Churaumi Aquarium, you will see it on your right hand side. It features a crowded appearance of this ivy.

Exterior picture of restaurant Flipper

The interior of the Flipper is a calm atmosphere based on brick and wooden tables and chairs. It is perfect for date as well. Since I visited on Saturday lunchtime, the interior of the store was pretty crowded with American families and tourists.

The interior of the Flipper 1

The interior of the Flipper 2

Steaks and Ise shrimp are the main menu of Flipper. Of course there are ordinary lunch plates and children’s lunch, so you can enjoy a delicious meal even if you come with a family.

menu of Flipper 1

menu of Flipper 2

I was hungry on this day, so I felt like steak. I got lost in the fillet steak and the sirloin steak, but this time I chose a sirloin steak. It is pleasure. In addition to rice and steak, the steak set includes salad and soup, coffee after meal.

Jumbo sirloin steak

Well, sirloin steak arrived delivering delicious sounds with jujuu. 300g of sirloin steak is big, thick and looks very tasty. First of all, I ate it how to eat the recommended way in the shop, enjoy the original taste of the meat with salt and pepper. Salt and pepper further complement the original taste of thick meat. Next, I ate it with a friend of Okinawa’s steak, A1 source. Sourness of the A1 sauce matches the flavor of the meat and you can enjoy the steak with a different flavor. At last it is homemade steak sauce. It is a healthy sauce with plenty of garlic sauce and vegetables. In addition, I could taste sirloin steak with a different flavor.

Restaurant Flipper's steak sauce

I came with my children this day, so I ordered a lunch plate and a child lunch. It was also delicious.

Lunch plate

a child lunch

Flipper handmade pie is cheap and tasty
The steak is delicious, but you should not forget the handmade pie. You can eat crispy handmade pie baked good at 58 yen per one. Apple, custard, blueberry, cheese, cheese blueberry 5 kinds. The pie handmade in the shop is freshly baked, crispy and really tasty. Because it is not too sweet, adults and children can eat deliciously.

Flipper handmade pie 1


Flipper handmade pie 2

Flipper handmade pie 3

About Flipper
Steaks and homemade pies are delicious, restaurant Flipper. The atmosphere of the restaurant is also good, so you can enjoy your meal happily either on a date or with your family. In addition, the beautiful beach of Okinawa is spreading behind the Flipper. This beach is “Yabu no Hama” on Nago City. It was sunny this day, so this beautiful beach spreads right in front of you.

After a delicious meal, you can play with such a beautiful beach. It is recommended for families with children and tourists as well. After eating, please also visit this beautiful beach.

Beautiful beach on the back of the restaurant Flipper 1

Beautiful beach on the back of the restaurant Flipper 2

  • Address:
    905-0006 162 Umusa, Nago city, Okinawa
  • Telephone: 0980-52-5678
  • Open:11:30~22:00
  • Closed: Wednesday
  • Parking: The surroundings of the shop are parking lots.
  • Price: 1,000円 ~ 3,000 yen

Flipper is here ↓

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