Freshly baked Japanese soba with fresh buckwheat from Oogimi village is so delicious! Esunohana

Speaking of Soba in Okinawa, Okinawa soba made with 100% wheat flour is mainstream. There are restaurant that have delicious Japanese soba using buckwheat flour in such Okinawa. It is Esunohana that uses delicious buckwheat made in Oogimi village and boiled freshly made Japanese soba. It is a restaurant that you can enjoy fresh aroma and taste of buckwheat because they cook a Japanese soba after receiving an order. I was hungry on the way back from the Kunigami trail walk.

The Esunohana is in the mountains of Oogimi village. It is a difficult place to understand, so I recommend using Google Map as navigation. The interior is like this. Okinawa folk song flows, it is a space where quiet time flows. I felt the atmosphere that I came to a friendly house.

The interior of Esunohana 1

The interior of Esunohana 2

Esunohana menu is mainly of these three types. Although there seems to be other udon, because I also wanted to eat Japanese soba, I ordered the Omakase set and theJapanese soba set (tempura osamori). Since I was hungry on my way back from the Kunigami Trail Walk, my children and I were looking forward to what Japanese soba was.

The menu of Esunohana

First of all, there were appetizers. It was quite beautiful.


After eating an appetizer in a blink of an eye, fried tofu and bonito soup were served. The bonito soup melted with bonito in hot water when we are sick when there is no appetite is one of Okinawa’s nourishing tonal dishes. Umeboshi and Shikuwasa were also included, and it grazed at my tired body with the trail walk. The scent was very good.

fried tofu and bonito soup

And when ordering set menus in Esunohana, a lot of fried tempura comes out. It was tempura of fresh vegetables and wild grass which were taken locally at Oogimi village. The freshly scented vegetables were very freshly delicious. We would go on eating steadily. This is the tempura of Mugwort, Pepsengrass and Pineapple. I ate pineapple tempura for the first time.

Assorted tempura 1

Freshly fried tempura would be carried. Rosemary and Mozuku tempura were brought.

Assorted tempura 2

In addition, goya and carrots tempura were brought, fried, so the texture was light and ate more and more.

Assorted tempura 3

Assorted tempura 4

And Japanese soba was carried. Japanese soba using buckwheat made in Oogimi village. Looks delicious.

Japanese soba

First of all I tried to eat Soba without attaching anything. I felt the original scent of buckwheat strongly, I thought that it was truly Japanese soba. Because it is 80% buckwheat noodles I felt good texture, I went on eating steadily. When I eat it with a thin soup, a faint sweetness spreaded in my mouth, I realized the original taste of buckwheat. I was touched that was so delicious Japanese soba. After ordering, they cook buckwheat and boil it, so we can taste the original flavor of buckwheat. This is delicious Japanese soba. It was too tasty, my daughter replaced another soba with one more.

And while we ate Japanese soba, tempura would be brought steadily. This is asparagus and burdock tempura. About ten kinds of tempura in all. Because it was freshly fried it matched well with Japanese soba, it was deliciously eaten till the end.

Assorted tempura 5

Assorted tempura 6

Other fried chicken and appetizers came out on the Omakase menu. This volume and delicious Japanese soba are eaten, the price is 1,500 yen! This is quite profitable. I was pretty hungry on the way back from Kunigami Trail Walk, but my stomach became full.


fried chicken and appetizers

Esunohana restaurant information
Fried tempura which uses local vegetables abundantly and Japanese sobausing local buckwheat flour cultivated in Oogimi village. And more than 10 different appetizers menu. It’s only 1,500 yen in this volume. This is reasonable profit. Appetizer, tempura and soba are provided at the time difference because they are boiled after ordering and cook to have the taste of soba original flavor. This deliciousness is moving. It is worth purposely to come in the mountains and eat.

  • Address : 〒
    905-1315 Taiho 326-224, Oogimi village, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00~15:00
  • Telephone : 0980-43-3040
  • Holiday : Thursday
  • Parking lot : Yes
  • Price : 600 yen ~ 1,500 yen

Esunohana is here ↓

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