Good restaurant of delicious fish dish at Naha port town, Seafood Engan

Sometimes you want to eat Okinawa delicious fish but not Okinawa soba. So, this time, a good fish restaurant where you can eat delicious fish dishes directly from Naha Port, Seafood Engan I went to . It is a delicious seefood restaurant where you can eat fresh “Imaiyu” (meaning delicious fish in Okinawa dialect) directly at the port at reasonable price.

The Seafood Engan located in the immediate vicinity of the Kame Soba previously introduced. Directly operated shop of Naha city coastal fishery cooperative association. Just behind the shop is the Naha port. So, You can eat fresh fish directly from the harbor at cheap.

Naha port seen from Seafood Engan

Well, when you enter the shop, the atmosphere inside the shop is a seafood restaurant in a port town. It is always crowded at lunchtime, but I went there after 13 o’clock, so I was free.

In-store photos of Seafood Engan 1

In-store photos of Seafood Engan 2

Well, this is the menu of Seafood Engan. Sashimi, seafood bowl, boiled fish, delicious fish dishes are easy to understand with pictures. There are Okinawa peculiar Abasa soup (Halisenbon soup) and Ikasumi soup (Squid ink soup). I wonder which menu to eat, but at such times go back to basics, the prefecture fish of Okinawa, “Gurukun fried set”. I will place an order and wait for a while.

the menu of Seafood Engan 1

the menu of Seafood Engan 2

After waiting for about ten minutes, finally the Gurukun fried set came. It seems to be delicious as the large Gurukun is deep-fried and beautiful.

the Gurukun fried set

First of all, I eat fried Gurukun without attaching anything. It was a bit hot as it was fried, but I can taste the slightly salty taste of Gurukun. Since the head of the fish is also firmly fried, it can be eaten as it is. It is the real pleasure of Gurukun to eat from this head of crisp. There are two heads of Gurukun, I was very satisfied. I had delicious fish dishes after a long absence.

About Seafood Engan
Near the port of Naha, a directly managed shop of Naha city coastal fishery cooperative association Seafood Engan. It is a seafood restaurant where you can eat deliciously Okinawa’s unique fish dishes cheaply, including not only fried fish dishes of Gurukun, but also a squid ink soup, an Abasa soup, and a boiled moray. If you want to eat delicious fish dishes from Okinawa, it is recommended restaurant. Please try to challenge unique fish dishes that you can only eat in Okinawa.

  • Address:
    901-0151 3-1-17 Minato-machi, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open: 11:00~21:00
  • Telephone: 098-869-7837
  • Holidya: None
  • Parking: Yes
  • Price: 800 yen ~ 2,500 yen

Seafood Engan is here ↓

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