I want to eat delicious steak!! At that time there is no doubt if the emerald near Okinawa Rycom

You want to eat delicious meat !! You want to eat a good amount of delicious meat !! Sometimes you want the whole body to want meat. There are many delicious steakhouses in Okinawa for steak lovers Okinawa people. Among these, the recommended steak shop is the emerald of its founding 40 years near Okinawa Rycom. It is a long-established restaurant where people who like meat and who are not good can enjoy a meal together with an extensive menu configuration other than steak. One day when I really wanted to eat meat, I went to the emeralds I was worried about before.

The emeralds are a few minutes’ drive from Okinawa Rycom. The shop has a relaxed adult shop atmosphere. Jazz flows and it is a refined atmosphere. I think it is a good shop to use in a date.

The inside of emerald 1

The inside of emerald 2

The inside of emerald 3

There is also a terrace, and you can see the nature of Okinawa and Rycome Okinawa right in front of you. It feels good if the weather is fine. The building on the right side of the picture below is Rycome Okinawa.

Rycome Okinawa seen from the terrace

Well, the emerald menu is this. The steak looks delicious.

the emerald menu 1

the emerald menu 2

the emerald menu 3

the emerald menu 4

The menu is abundant, so it is possible to handle various scenes such as family meals and dating. Every dish looks delicious, but on this day I wanted to eat meat, so I ordered “Emerald Special Jumbo Premium Rib Steak (450g)”. As my children were together, we ordered “special hamburger steak and boned Frankfurt” for my children. I wanted to eat meat early.

Soup and salad

First, prepared my stomach and mouth with soup and salad. The soup was delicious and the steaks were waiting for more.

Emerald Special Jumbo Premium Rib Steak (450g)

Finally, the Emerald Special Jumbo Premium Rib Steak has finally arrived. It had a very delicious smell. First, I ate the steak as it was without putting anything. I tasted, but It was a very delicious steak that was rich in the taste of beef itself. The steak meat was just thick enough to satisfy the satisfaction of eating the meat itself. So I wanted to eat this meat !! It was a very delicious steak, and my children ate more and more. Specially made original sauce, salt and pepper, horseradish, garlic, etc., I could enjoy the steak with various tastes. It was a shop of jumbo steak. Founding 40 years, it was a taste and volume of assent that can only operate a restaurant for so long.

special hamburger steak and boned frankfurt

And this is the “special hamburger steak and boned frankfurt” ordered for my children. We also shared it with me and ate. I was surprised to eat a bite of a specially made hamburg steak! Hamburger was also a great choice !! It was a very delicious hamburger steak that was completely the same as a steak. Of course the taste and texture were different from steak, but it was a taste that could be enjoyed as another meat dish. Maybe it was the best hamburger I’ve ever eaten. It was a hamburger steak that was so delicious.

About Pub Lounge Emerald

Jumbo steak shop emerald that has been loved in Okinawa for 40 years since its establishment in 1979. The steak that has been fascinated by meat lovers Okinawa people for many years is a delicious restaurant. I would like you to taste the emerald steak when you come to the area near Rycome Okinawa. If you like meat you will definitely be satisfied.

  • Address: Zip
    901-2301 Shimabukuro 311, Kitanakagusuku village, Okinawa
  • Open : 11:00-23:30
  • Telephone : 098-932-4263
  • Closed : None
  • Parking : There is a parking space in front of the shop
  • Price : 1,000 yen ~ 4,200 yen

The Pub Lounge Emerald is here ↓

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