Delicious Okinawa soba to eat in a fashionable cafe in Tsuboya, EIBUN

Speaking of Okinawa’s lunch, it is Okinawa soba after all. Okinawa soba is building a firm position in the lunch of Okinawa so that it can no longer be a citizens’ food. You can eat Okinawa soba in most popular cafeterias in Okinawa. Each restaurant has its own recipe, and you can eat delicious Okinawa soba with various tastes. The shop that offers Okinawa soba is mostly a cafeteria, a common-people atmosphere, in a nice sense old shops are not very clean. Meanwhile, Okinawa Soba EIBUN in Tsuboya you can eat delicious Okinawa soba in a stylish cafe-style shop. This time I will introduce such EIBUN.

EIBUN is in Tsuboya where the old Yachimun culture (pottery) remains in Naha city. When you look at the shop from outside, you can not see it Okinawa Soba. Even if you go inside the shop one after all, you can not see it Okinawa Soba. It is quite a stylish cafe.

EIBUN inside photo 1

EIBUN inside photo 2

EIBUN’s menu is this. There are various kinds of Okinawa soba, I lost it. Because I was hungry this time, I made a BUNBUN soba set that can eat a variety of kinds of meat. Okinawa soba to eat at a shop that enters for the first time, I was looking forward as usual.

EIBUN's menu 1

EIBUN's menu 2

Well, BUNBUN soba set came. It is truly a shop of a Yachimun village restaurant. The instrument is also simple and stylish Yachimun (pottery). It looked yummy

BUNBUN soba set

Four kinds of meat including cartilage Soki, fried cartilage Soki, Sanmainiku and Makanai meat you have got juicy with the BUNBUN soba. First of all, I bought soup. The gentle taste of bonito and kelp soup spreaded in my mouth. It is crisp and gentle taste. Even if you put the mugwort in the soup, the bitter taste of the mugwort and the gentle taste of the soup match and it was quite tasty. There are many kinds of meat in the topping, you can enjoy various kinds of meat taste and texture. Even if I put a coreguesu, I could taste different umami and pungent taste. The set juicy was delicious, and I ate Okinawa soba full of stomachs with a feeling different from usual in a stylish shop.

Okinawa Soba EIBUN shop information
One of the tourist attractions of Naha city Tsuboya Yachimun Street. Okinawa Soba EIBUN is a fashionable Okinawa soba shop located in the immediate vicinity. The owner of the former French chef opened in 2016 and it is still a new shop. Although it is a new shop, the taste of Okinawa soba is still delicious, so it became well known in Okinawa Prefecture as well. If you want to go for a delicious Okinawa soba by walking around the Tsuboya, EIBUN I recommend you.

  • Address:
    902-0065 Tsubuya 1-5-15, Naha city, Okinawa
  • 営業時間 11:30-17:00
  • Telephone: 098-914-3882
  • Closed: Wednesday
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: 700 yen ~ 1,050 yen

Okinawa Soba EIBUN is here ↓

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