Four cups of Sake and knob at only 1000 yen Cheap Izakaya Eekagen near Makishi Public market

With only 1,000 yen, there are 4 drinks, 2 knobs, and such cheap Izakaya is behind the Makishi public market. That is “Eekagen”. Seriously, you can drink 4 beer or Sake just by a thousand yen. I think that it is the cheapest Izakaya in Naha city. If you want to enjoy sake and beer cheaply and fun, Eekagen is the best! On this page I will introduce you “Eekagen”.

Eekagen is behind the Makishi public market in Naha city. In front of the eyes, there is also the “Adachiya” introduced before, that part is full of vigor in the standing drinking shop. It is a place to say that it is Mecca of Okinawa standing pub in Okinawa. I will show you how to go to the Eekagen on the bottom of this page.

First of all, do not hesitate to sit down at the counter and order Senbero “Drunky Set”. Local guys and tourists are also drinking quite a bit, so you do not have to hesitate even if you come for the first time. The fee is prepayment system like other Senbero type pub. If you give 1,000 yen bills, you can secure 4 cup alcohol and knobs.

Senbero Drunky Set

Well, after all it is a toast with a cold beer. Beer is delicious in hot Okinawa. Two small pots of knob are just right feeling.

Beer and Knob

However, we can drink 4 cups of sake at Senbero, so if you have two small knobs it is not enough. At Eekagen, yakitori is also tasty and cheap. Please order your favorite Yakitori and enjoy even more sake. It is fun to think about what to order and think.

Yakitori Menu

Drink menu

Let’s enjoy sake as much as you want, while eating delicious yakitori. Let’s talk to various people and tourists sitting next to you. This is the place of a pub in a downtown market.

How to go to Eekagen
Eekagen is behind the Makishi public market. There is “Adachiya” in front of the shop, and there is “Inaka” where you can eat cheap Okinawa soba obliquely. It is a place to collect drinkers. To go to the Eekagen, first you will come to the Makishi public market.

Makishi public market

From the public market you will go further straight through the market main street. As you go forward for a while, you can see a corner that is chatting lively from the side road on the right hand side. If you enter that side, that is Eekagen.

 a corner that is chatting lively from the side road on the right hand side

If you can see Eekagen and Adachiya, please order a Senbero with a thousand yen bill. Even at lunch time, it is comfortable for anyone to come and enjoy it.

  • Address:
    900-0014 Matsuo 2-10-20, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00~21:30
  • Telephone: 098-868-5085
  • Closed: Thursday
  • Parking lot: None
  • Price: 1,000 yen ~ 2,000 yen

Eekagen is here ↓

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