A small stall-style bar located in the back street of the Makishi public market, Tengokusakaba Ebisuya

The Senbero has become familiar all around Naha city’s tourist attraction, Makishi public market. The Senbero is a profitable set menu with 3 drinks and a knob for a thousand yen. You can drink and eat at a thousand yen easily, you can also go to the next bar, and you can also drink and eat in Senbero. I have introduced a lot of wallet-friendly Senbero taverns on my website so far. Senbero’s leading bar Adachiya, enjoy Takoyaki and draft beer at Takoya, the combination of tacos and draft beer is good Tacos Tacos and so on. There are truly unique izakaya. This time I will introduce a small stall-filled bar quietly standing in the backstreet of the Makishi public market, Tengokusakaba Ebisuya.

Ebisuya is located in around the Makishi public market where you headed further to the back street. It is on a small alley that leads to Ukishima street. Although it may be a bit confusing, it is a stall-style pub with only counters, so if you walk to nearby you will find it.

The appearance of the Tengokusakaba Ebisuya

When you see the Ebisuya, let’s sit down at the counter and order Senbero. The menu of Senbero is this. There are quite a variety of food menus so you may be lost.

Senbero menu of Ebisuya

Once in doubt, ordered a classic draft beer and “Yodare Buta” at the top of the menu. In warm Okinawa forever, draft beer is still the best.

draft beer and Yodare Buta

In Senbelo menu of Ebisuya you can choose 4 drinks, 3 drinks and 1 snack, 2 drinks and 2 snacks. You can exchange this coin with liquor or knob with 1 piece. Moreover, we are happy to be able to order Senbero for many times. It is a wallet-friendly bar.

The coin

This is a drink and food menu other than Senbero. Everything is cheap, so feel free to put it in for work return, even for the time to meet up with friends.

drink and food menu

Tengokusakaba Ebisuya information
There are many taverns that are cheap, nice and pleasant around Makishi public market in Naha city. Especially Senbero taverns has been increasing recently, you can drop in and feel free to stop by and drop in lightly. This casualness is good. You can also go to the next bar and you can even drink at the same bar. Tengokusakaba Ebisuya is an open street-style tavern, so when I have a little time, I drop in lightly. This casualness is also the attraction of Ebisuya.

draft beer and knob

  • Address:
    900-0013 Makishi 3-5-14, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 17:00〜22:00
  • Telephone: 090-6163-0148
  • Closed: None
  • Parking: None
  • Price: 1,000 yen ~ 2,000 yen

Ebisuya is here ↓

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