When you want to eat delicious Okinawa soba at Kokusai-dori, Doraemon is recommended

When you are shopping for souvenirs on Kokusai-dori (international street), you will be hungry. If you have noon, you want to eat delicious Okinawa soba. Especially for hot day, it is nice to have clear Okinawa soba. Recommended for such people is “Doraemon”. As imagined from the shop name, it is a soba restaurant operated by a shopkeeper who likes Doraemon.

Doraemon is a soba resutaurant on the second floor near Okinawa prefectural office on the Kokusai-dori. This sign is a landmark.

The sign of Doraemon

As you climb the second floor, there is a entrance to Doraemon.

entrance to Doraemon

Atmosphere that refurbished Okinawa residence inside the shop. We feel at home atmosphere that mother and daughter is carrying.

Inside photo of Doraemon

The menu looks something like this. This time I ordered Doraemon soba (850 yen) that can eat Tebichi, 3mainiku and soki. A variety of other Okinawa soba is prepared.

The menu of Doraemon

Well, Doraemon soba came. , it seems to be delicious with long onion on top of the Tebichi, 3mainiku and Soki. The soba noodle soup has a rich flavor of bonito soup, but as you drink it taste is refreshing. It is well matched with straight thin noodle and it is easy to eat. Even if it is hot and you have not much appetite, it is likely to be lightly drunk. Tebichi and 3mainiku etc are also refreshing taste and can be eaten with slurry. It was a delicious soba with a refreshing taste and a faint sweetness of the soup stock.

Doraemon soba

About Doraemon soba
Doraemon soba is a side of the genre called Miyako soba in Okinawa soba. The characteristic of Miyako soba is straight thin noodle and refreshing soup. Soba toppings are sandalwood, 3mainiku and so on. We will not use much onions in Okinawa main island. Depending on the store, you may also hide Soki and 3mainiku under noodles. To keep the deliciousness of the topping or to appeal to the officials about what they were poor enough to put soap and soba noodles without toppings in the past, there are various theories.

If you would like to eat tasty Miyako soba which is refreshing on Kokusai-dori, I can recommend Doraemon soba.

  • Address:
    900-0031 Kanetoyo buildings 2F 3-2-17 Kumoji, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Opening: 11:00-23:00
  • Telepohne: 098-862-3525
  • Holiday: None
  • Car parking: None, please use nearby coin parking
  • Price: 500円 ~ 1,000円

Doraemon soba is here ↓

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