Popular taverns Densuke showten we can enjoy drinking from noon in Naha city Okinawa

The shopping street of Naha city where the atmosphere of the Showa era remains, Sunrise Naha shopping area. It is further down from the Kokusai-dori (international street) and Makishi public market, and the shopping district where the atmosphere of the downtown of Naha city remains remarkably. In such a showa shopping district of Okinawa, a popular tavern that you can easily casually drink Densuke showten. “I hope you enjoy the standing and drinking casually”, the shop feeling that the feeling of the shop feels in the front. Beer is delicious, and the selection of Japanese sake are considerable. I enjoyed drinking at an Densuke showten where we can easily drink cheaply.

Densuke showten is located in the back street of Naha City, from Ukishima street you enter the shopping area. We are happy to be able to drink from noon on weekdays. Densuke showten is a somewhat fun accounting system, purchasing coins and accounting. You can buy ten coins at 1,000 yen. The elongated machine on the left is a coin selling machine. It is easy to understand because it is 100 yen coin.

a coin selling machine of Densuke showten

The inside of the shop is a small drinking shop with standing drinking spaces and counter space. There are table seats outside the store so you can easily go for a drink in a group or yourself alone.

The inside of the shop

Many local sake brewing in all over Japan are available at the Densuke showten. One cup 300 yen ~ It is also one of the attractions that you can enjoy various sake at reasonable prices.

Japanese sake

The menu of recommendation is written on the wall. My recommendation is also chopping tuna (Maguro Butsugiri). You can enjoy the fresh tuna being chopped off in Okinawa.

The menu of recommendation is written on the wall

First of all, the cold beer and tuna sashimi. Cold beer sticks to my hot body. Tuna’s chopping is also fresh and the beer quickly disappears. I will change as soon as possible.

the cold beer and tuna sashimi

By the way the coins you bought are OK if you put them in the bowl located on the table. Every time you order alcohol and knobs, a clerk will take coins. Because it is a casual payment, sake will progress quickly and steadily.

The coin of Densuke showten

You can use the remaining coins when you come next time. It is okay if you give it to someone you know. I always have 2 or 3 coins left, so I will come again next time.

Notes on coins

Lunch time drinking also OK at Densuke shownte, SENBELO is profitable
At Densuke showten you can drink delicious beer and sake from lunch time. A little drink from lunch is OK. SENBELO with 3 drinks and snacks at 1,000 yen till 17 o’clock in the evening on weekdays! Cold beer and knobs are already the best from the hot lunch! Happiness is available for 1,000 yen, SENBELO. Happiness is so familiar. By the way, Anpanman ‘s doll is a substitute for sake. It’s a little funny.

SENBELO of Densuke showten

A salaried worker who is walking and working in Naha City, and a tourist who is strolling. By all means, please stop by Densuke showten if you want to drink a lot. Just one thousand yen is enough for you to have delicious happiness.


Densuke showten is here ↓

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