3mainiku soba with super big size is a specialty, Den soba

Den soba is famous for 3 mainiku (three meat) of ultra big size that protrudes from the vessel. The large 3 mainiku are frequently taken up in television and magazines. Such 3 mainiku soba is about 10 meals a day only. I have eaten 3 mainiku soba with impact that is unforgettable for the vision.

Den soba is located about 10 minutes on foot from Yui Rail Furujima station and Municipal Hospital front station. Because there is a parking lot, it is easy for tourists of rental cars to come. In order to eat 3 mainiku soba (large) of phantom, I came at opening time 11:00. There were almost no customers yet.

Inside shop in Den soba

Well, the menu is stuck on the wall. But today I did not hesitate to order 3 mainiku soba (large). I was looking forward to it!

Menu of Den soba

I waited for a while and it came. Large 3 mainiku are protruding from the vessel. I have never seen such a big meat like this. Looking directly it is quite impressive.

3 mainiku soba of Den soba

First of all, let’s try eating this big three meat. It is soft enough to eat as much as imagined from the apparent power. It has firmly tasted, it is delicious 3 mainiku. Next, I will have soup. It is a premium soup with umami taste that overlaps many times. It is a soup that blends harmoniously with the deliciousness of a lot of pork, chicken, bonito, kelp. Not only the appearance but also the soup is tasty Okinawa soba. Noodles are thin and straight. Therefore, it was delicious unexpectedly to the last without leaving it easy to eat.

On another day I ate Den soba (Large). There are three meat of normal size here. 3 mainiku, Soki, kamaboko and typical Okinawa soba. For women, I recommend this. The taste of the three meat does not change.

Den soba (Large)

About Den soba
It is Den soba introduced today, offering 3 mainiku soba of big size unforgettable at first sight. Since it has been introduced many times in television and magazines, it is also a famous shop where people outside Okinawa Prefecture also know. Only 3 mainiku soba (large) are with 10 foods a day only. If you want to eat that big 3 meat soba, please try visiting around 11 o’clock immediately after opening. Once you eat it is unforgettable volume and taste. Please remember to Okinawa sightseeing memories!

  • Address:
    902-0068 3-5-6 Makabi, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00-19:00
  • Telephone: 098-884-5150
  • Closed: Tuesday
  • Parking: There is a parking lot behind the shop
  • Price: 650 yen ~ 930 yen

Den soba is here ↓

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