Menya Darumaya, if you want to eat popular ramen “ie-kei” in Japan

Speaking of Okinawa noodles, Soki soba. But not only Soki soba. Ramen is also hot recently! If you want to eat popular ramen “ie-kei” in Okinawa, here, Menya Darumaya. Darumaya’s ramen soup is rich tonkotsu soup unique to “ie-kei”. If you want to eat rich noodle ramen with guts, Menya Darumaya is the best.

There is a ticket vending machine on the right hand side after entering the store. Darumaya is a style to order with a ticket. It is smooth if you buy replacement noodle and large noodle (100 yen) in advance. Extra toppings are abundant, too.

ticket vending machine in Menya Darumaya

There are two table seats and a counter. You can see how to make ramen from the counter.

two table seats in Menya Darumaya counter seats in Menya Darumaya

When sitting in the seat you will be asked about the taste preference. You can adjust three types of “taste”, “hardness of the noodle”, “amount of oil” to your preference. If there is no particular preference, Normal is OK.

the taste preference

This time I ate ramen of Menya Darumaya. Soup of rich donkotsu soy sauce unique to ie-kei ramen is good. I was satisfied with eating rich noodles, well matched with tonkotsu soup. When I was a child there was no ramen shop, and when speaking of noodles, I could only eat Okinawa soba. Recently I have been able to eat delicious ramen in Okinawa, I am very happy.

ramen of Menya Darumaya

If you want a change in the taste of ramen, garlic and chili peppers are prepared. Rough bean garlic matches well with rich pork bone soup. Garlic flavor intensifies appetite.

garlic and chili peppers

Personally, this ramen is a push ramen at Menya Darumaya, this “Morisai ramen”. Very large vegetables are on ramen. Rich soup goes well with cabbage and mozzy. Eat and taste good enough. One cup full of stomach.

Morisai ramen

Looking from the side it is like this.

morisai ramen

You can eat lots of stomach as vegetables and ramen, I’d recommend Morisai ramen.

Menya Darumaya infomation

Menya Darumaya which you can eat a rich tonkotsu ramen. Weekday lunch time free all-you-can-eat rice, students can eat ramen at 500 yen, children under 3 year old are free for mini noodles. It has such a nice service. If you want to eat rich tonkotsu ramen in Okinawa, Menya Darumaya is the best.

  • Address :
    901-0235 Nakachi 333 Tomigusuku-shi Okinawa Japan
  • Phone : 098-856-8787
  • Business hours : 11:30-23:00
  • Holiday : Tuesday
  • Price:700 yen ~ 900 yen

Menya Darumaya is here ↓

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