Good Tonkotsu ramen! Hakata Daruma in AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom

Hakata authentic Tonkotsu Ramen is exquisite! It is Hakata Daruma on the 4th floor of AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom that you can eat delicious Tnkotsu (soup based pig bone) ramen. Tonkotsu ramen’s main home Hakata intact noodles, rich pork bone soup ramen is delicious! Because it is a thin noodle ramne, you are a little hungry on the way of shopping, perfect for the scene. Even a child can eat smoothly, so it is also recommended for families.

Hakata Daruma is located in the Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom Food Court on the 4th floor. Its food court is wide and there are various shops, so you will lose your way. But if you want to eat ramen, Hakata Daruma is my one push!

Hakata Daruma on the 4th floor of AEON MALL Okinawa Rycom

The menu is big with a picture with it. It is easy to understand for foreign tourists too. There is also a set menu and it looks delicious.

The menu of Hakata Daruma

I was attracted to the dumpling set and the Dontaku-mori Ramen, but first I ordered Hakata ramen simply. Authentic Hakata ramen after a long absence, I was looking forward to it! When waiting for about five minutes, the ramen was completed. Looks delicious. The fragrance of Tonkotsu soup intensifies my appetite.

Tonkotsu Ramne

First of all, I ate straight nodules and taste authentic Hakata ramen. Wheat fragrance is strong, this straight noodle is a characteristic of Hakata ramen. Then tonkotsu soup. Tonkotsu thick rich body and taste spreaded in my mouth. Still it is not greasy and it is not persistent so we can eat smoothly. After all the noodles are gone in no time.

Speaking of Hakata ramen, it is “Kaedama (substitute one more noodle)”, is not it? Of course, Hakata Daruma is a Kaedama OK. If you say “Kaedama” in the counter, it will come out soon. After all, it is the Hakata ramen that is the only place to change. If you eat 2 cups of ramen, your stomach is satisfied.


Hakata Daruma shop information
Hakata Daruma is the delicious ramen restaurant Fukuoka’s authentic Tonkotsu ramen. Its rich and brilliant taste is pork bone ramen, which is delicious enough to eat again once you eat it. We can also Kaedama (substitute), even when your stomach is empty, you are satisfied. My daughter of the fourth grade of the elementary school also began to eat Kaedama until now. She will grow bigger and bigger and she will eat more · · · It is serious. . . .

  • Address:
    901-2300 Higa Awasse Land Readjustment Project Area 4 Business Area, Kitanakagusuku son, Okinawa
  • Open 10:00-22:00
  • Telephone: 098-930-7880
  • Closed: None
  • Car parking: There is a large free parking garage
  • Price: 680 yen ~ 2,000 yen

Aeon Mall Okinawa Rycom of Hakata Daruma is here ↓

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