Homemade noodles are good match with rich soup, Daitou soba in Naha

Soup which is rich and often has strong taste of soup stock, squeezed thick homemade noodles is the best match for soup with a rich taste. That is in Naha city Daitou soba. Homemade noodles freshly made everyday have a firm consistency in good texture. Soup is rich and good noodles are rare enough to want to eat asexually from time to time! I will introduce about Daitou Soba on this page.

Daitou soba is located along New Paradise Street, the back street of the Kokusai-dori (international street) of Naha city. I am open from lunch everyday, so we are happy that we can go any time If want to eat. You can find it as soon as you are walking along New Paradise Street.

Inside the store there are counters, table seats, zashiki seats, but it is small. It is crowded with nearby salaried workers at lunch time.

Inside the store of Daitou soba 1

Inside the store of Daitou soba 2

The Daitou soba menu is this. There are plenty of set meals, and I was a bit lost about what to do.

The Daitou soba menu

For this time, I ordered a “Otoku set” with Daitou soba and Daito sushi. It is a visionary sushi transmitted to Okinawa’s remote island, Daitou Island. If you come to Daitou Soba please try it.

Otoku set

This is a Otoku set (profit set) of Daitou Soba and Daito Sushi. First, I drunk a bite of soup. The taste of rich and strong tastes spreads throughout my mouth. It is a taste of pretty strong Dashi. This is a bit addictive. Next I will try to eat crimped thick noodles. It is a strong noodle with firm for a mouthfeel and texture. It had not lost to a rich soup at all. Bonito, pig bones, bird based soup is rich, but without habit, it can be deliciously eaten till the end.

A set of Daito sushi also matches well with Soba. Daitou sushi is pickled tuna in sauce of mirin soy sauce, put on a sweet vinegar, a handful sushi unique to Minami-Daitojima. Freshly salty hand sashimi often matches rich taste soba. A deal set for Daitou soba and sushi. I was full with my stomach.

About Daitou soba
A remote island, about 400 km east of Okinawa main island, Minami-Daitou Island. Since the Daito Islands have been settled from Hachijojima, they have a different food culture from Okinawa main island. It is Daitou Soba that you can eat deliciously such a unique food culture casually. Daito sushi which was rich and refreshing was perfect for lunch. It will be addictive to its unique homemade noodles and rich soup.

Daitou soba is here ↓

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