There are a lot of delicious lunch menu with perfect heart! Cafeteria Crystal in Naha city

There is a cafeteria that has been loved by locals for over 24 years in Naha City. The cafeteria crystal has full of delicious lunch menu. There are a lot of office workers working nearby during the daytime on weekdays and a family in the coffee shop on weekends. This time, I will introduce you to a delicious cafeteria crystal, which has a rich menu and is full of heart.

The cafe is located in downtown Kumoji, Naha city. It is a nice cafeteria with a quiet atmosphere in a place just steps from Kokusai Dori. As it is a short walk from Kokusai Dori, it is a coffee shop that visitors should visit by all means. The cafeteria has a calm atmosphere based on wood grain. There are many customers who spend their time thinking while eating.

The interior of cafeteria crystal 2

The interior of cafeteria crystal 1

The menu of the cafe crystal is this. There are many meal menus even if it is a coffee shop.

The menu of the cafe crystal 1

The menu of the cafe crystal 2

By the way, when I was wondering what to eat at a restaurant in Okinawa, it was A lunch. A lunch is a recommended menu where the features of each restaurant appear well. So I ordered an A lunch without hesitation on this first visit.

A lunch of cafeteria crystal

This is the A lunch of cafeteria crystal. Beneath the ham eggs were handmade tonkatsu and fish fries, a hearty lunch set. First, I ate a bite of tonkatsu. Hot and crispy clothes were delicious handmade tonkatsu. Hand-made pork cutlet and fish fly with a gentle taste that I can be relieved. It was quite heavy and I was quite hungry. Drink was included in the lunch menu, so after the meal I was completely satisfied with delicious hot coffee.

delicious hot coffee

On another day when I was hungry, I visited crystal again. I ordered B lunch on this day.

B lunch of cafeteria crystal

And this is B lunch of cafeteria crystal. Napolitan, ham egg, egg sandwich, salad were a large volume on one plate. To my surprise, the content of the food was completely different from A lunch. Usually, speaking of Okinawa’s B lunch, it’s a little down from the A lunch menu. However, after all B lunch was also delicious and hearty. I was completely full of stomach.

I ate A lunch and B lunch, so I wanted to eat up to C lunch, so I visited cafeteria crystal again on another day.

C lunch of cafeteria crystal

And this is C lunch. It was a set menu of omelet curry and tonkatsu and salad which were completely different from A lunch and B lunch. The crispy tonkatsu matches well with the gentle flavorful curry. I think it can be eaten deliciously even children because it was not too hard. After all it was full hearted, and I was full when I finished eating this day.

About Cafeteria Crystal

Founded 24 years from the 1995 open. A cafe that is loved by locals in downtown Naha city. It’s a popular coffee shop with employees working on weekdays and families on weekends for a menu full of hearty and gentle tastes. If you are hungry while shopping on Kokusai Dori, please visit cafeteria crystal. You can taste the food and the atmosphere you feel relieved.

The cafeteria crystal is here ↓

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