Agu pork cutlet and Senbero also good! Cochon in Naha city

If you come to Okinawa as much as you can, you would like to eat pork cutlet of Agu pig. Gentle taste It is completely different from ordinary pig pork cutlets, which is a crispy pork cutlet of Agu pig. A restaurant that Agu pork cutlets are delicious, “Cochon” in Naha city. We are happy that Cochon also does Senbero that you can drink 3 alcohol and knob at 1,000 yen. Delicious pork cutlet and beer can be eaten together. This time I will introduce such a Coshon.

Cochon is located in the street behind Ryubo in Naha city. Since it is located about 5 minutes on foot from the monorail prefectural station, I think that it is a place where tourists can also come. The inside of the restaurant is clean and calm atmosphere. It’s pretty beautiful as it’s still a short time to open.

Inside photo of Cochon

This is the menu of Cochon. It looks delicious, is not it?

the menu of Cochon 1

the menu of Cochon 2

the lunch menu of Cochon

I thought of trying it as a pork cutlet of Agu pig, but this time I chose “three kinds of lunch”. I would like to eat other fried foods as well. Agu-pig pork cutlets, chicken cutlets and minced chicks can be eaten and 3 kinds of lunch. It is a little profitable.

three kinds of lunch

This is “three kinds of lunch” of Cochon. 880 yen for all you can eat rice and pork soup! It’s a pretty good lunch. I will eat a pork cutlet at once. The crunchy fried pork was very soft. As expected, the mouthfeel of Agu pig and lard is quite soft and melts quickly in my mouth. Chicken cutlets and minced chicks were delicious, and when I switched rice and pork soup, it became quite full. I thought that the lunch menu was quite a bargain.

And in the Cochon, you can also Senbero. Senbero is 3 alcohol and 3 big fried skewers at 1,000 yen. It is profitable.

Senbero menu of Cochon

Draft beer and skewer deep-fried

A combination of draft beer and large skewers. The cold beer that is hot in the lunch is already special. It is a moment when I think that it was good to live. Of course, you can also drink a beer with a Agu pig pork cutlet.

About Cochon in Naha city
Cochon meaning pig in French. It is a freshly opened shop yet, but it is a great restaurant that you can enjoy delicious Agu pig pork and Senbero. If you are unsure what to eat for lunch in Naha city, I recommend you for a Cochon. There is a branch in Ukishima street, which will be the back street of the Makichi public market. Please come and visit it at lunch and in Senbero.

Cochon in Ukishima street

  • Address:
    900-0015 Kumoji 1-21-21, Naha city, Okinawa
  • Open 11:00〜23:00
  • Telephone: 098-943-4275
  • Holiday: None
  • Parking: None
  • Price: 780 yen ~ 1,780 yen

Cochon is here ↓

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