The garlic-laden chicken rounds are excellent. Coccroco in Okinawa City

A restaurant famous for its delicious garlic-filled grilled chicken rounds is Coccroco in Okinawa City. The name of the restaurant is unique and interesting, but the food tastes outstanding as well! I had a chance to try their famous chicken maruyaki. It was so delicious that I would like to introduce it to you.

Coccroco used to be located near Koza High School in Okinawa City, but it has moved to Awase, Okinawa City. The appearance of the restaurant is the same as the picture above.

This is what the inside of Coccroco restaurant looks like. The delicious aroma of garlic is in the air, and just entering the restaurant makes me hungry.

the inside of Coccroco restaurant 1

the inside of Coccroco restaurant 2

And here is the Coccroco menu. A wide variety of take-out menus are also available.

the Coccroco menu 1

the Coccroco menu 2

the Coccroco menu 3

And if you come to Coccroco, you cannot miss the Coccroco Stamina Chicken Donburi, where you can also taste a whole roasted chicken.

the Coccroco Stamina Chicken Donburi

I started with the whole roasted chicken. Very tender and juicy, and the garlic aroma was irresistible. This is an exquisite dish! The chicken is marinated in the secret sauce for a day, stuffed with plenty of garlic, and grilled to perfection. No matter who eats it, it is sure to be delicious.

And then there was the Stamina Don, a bowl of rice topped with a half-boiled fried egg. Underneath the fried egg was corned beef hash, a favorite of Okinawans. But it was not just corned beef hash. It was corned beef hash that had been stir-fried with garlic inside a whole roasted chicken. It’s corned beef hash taken to another level or two! How could this not go with rice? It was so good!

On another day, I went to Coccroco for Keihan (chicken rice). I have had authentic Amami-Oshima chicken rice several times, but what does Coccroco’s chicken rice taste like? I was looking forward to it.

Keihan (chicken rice)

And this is Coccroco Keihan (Chicken Rice). It was a lovely chicken rice with a small chocolate mousse dessert. Take it out, pour a generous amount of broth and take a bite first. As you would expect from Coccroco, the chicken rice had a lot of garlic in it, so it was quite a naughty chicken rice compared to the real taste of Amami-Oshima.

What was interesting was that it came with a spicy chili sauce. If you eat the chicken rice as it is, it tastes like a refreshing ochazuke with Japanese chicken broth, but if you eat it with the chili sauce, it changes from a Japanese taste to a Western taste at once. This flavor change was quite good. I was able to eat it all the way through without getting tired of it. Thank you very much.

About Coccroco

After returning from Peru in South America, the previous generation improved the local soul food, grilled whole chicken, to the taste of Okinawans, and opened Coccroco in 1967. The second generation improved the characteristic baking oven and further enhanced the flavor of the chicken. The garlic-infused whole roasted chicken is a must-try! We hope you will try it.

  • Address: Zip
    904-2172 Okinawa, Okinawa city, Awase 2-42-14
  • Open 10:30~20:00
  • Telephone: 098-937-9326
  • Closed: Tuesday
  • Parking: There is a parking lot in front of the restaurant
  • Price: 600 yen ~ 1,850 yen

The Coccroco is here ↓

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