For Lunch in Chatan, I recommend the lunch buffet at the Beach Tower Hotel! Many sweets and small children are free

When you are hungry after shopping at Chatan Mihama American Village, the restaurant recommended is here. Beach Tower Hotel Lunch Buffet “Chura Tida”. Children up to 5 years old are all free and many sweets! It’s a friendly restaurant for families with small children with a wallet or stomach. If you are playing in Chatan and get hungry, it’s a recommended buffet restaurant.

Chura Tida is located on the first floor of the beach tower hotel in Chatan. By the way, Chura Tida means beautiful sun in Okinawa dialect. As the name of the restaurant, in front of Chura Tida there is Chatan Mihama Sunset Beach and you can see the beautiful sun. It is about sunlight hurting in the eyes.

Beach Tower Hotel at Chatan

Going down the 1st floor of the Beach Tower Hotel, you can see cute monkey and turtle. Small children are also curious.

cute monkey and turtle in Beach Tower Hotel

The inside of Chura Tida is like this. Because the ceiling is high and it is near the beach there is a feeling of opening. Even if the child makes a little noise, it does not matter much.

The inside of Chura Tida

Terrace seating seems to be comfortable if the weather is nice.

Terrace seating in Chura Tida

The recommendation of lunch buffing in Chura Tida is curry anyway. You can enjoy a variety of curries with richness. It is the authentic curry taste.

Chura Tida's curry is delicious

There are also other sushi, pasta and salad. There is plenty of menus on a monthly basis so you do not feel tired. There is also a corner where you can make taco rice yourself, although it is rare a bit. It is interesting for tourists to challenge.

you can make taco rice yourself

sushi, pasta and salad

In Chula Tida you can enjoy meals with confidence even with small children
After all it is a concern as parents whether children are troubling other customers if they are young children. Children up to 5 years old are free! There are also kids corner, sweets are many, adults and children are satisfied. Indeed, there are many family guests with young children as well as me, and you can enjoy meals slowly with confidence with small children.

It is also a nice for parents to see the children who share good cooking at the kids’ corner.

children who share good cooking at the kids' corner

We are happy that the sweets are also substantial. And all you can eat Blue Seal ice! There is quite a sense of profit as Okinawa people.

the sweets are also substantial

all you can eat Blue Seal ice

About Chura Tida
The Beach Tower Hotel in front of Chatan Mihama Sunset Beach. Chura Tida on the first floor. Children up to 5 years old are free and a wallet friendly buffet restaurant for families with small children. Baby milk and diapers are also available for free for babies. It is a nice service for my father and mother traveling with a small child.

Chura Tida relieved even with a baby

There are many families with small children, so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about your children too much. It’s surprisingly nice to hear that. Well my child under the age of 5 this year. It will cost from next year. Families with small children are encouraged to go to Chura Tida at the moment.

  • Address :
    904-0115 8-6 Mihama, Chatan-cho, Okinawa Japan
  • Telephone : 098-921-7711
  • Holiday : None
  • Car parking: Parking at the Beach Tower Hotel is available
  • Morning 7:00-10:30
    Lunch 11:30-14:30
    Dinner 18:00-22:00
  • Price :
    Morning:Adult ¥1,800 Child ¥800 (6-11 years old)
    Lunch:Adult ¥1,600 Child ¥800 (6-11 years old)
    Dinner:Adult ¥3,700 Child ¥1,600 (6-11 years old)

The Beach Tower Hotel with Chura Tida is here ↓

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