Kin’s good-taste potato dishes are delicious in Chouraku, Taimo cheesecake is also recommended for souvenirs

Speaking of Kin town, the first thing that comes to mind is taco rice. It is famous that the birthplace of Taco Rice is Kin Town. Do you know the hidden famous products of Kin town? It is not conspicuous in plain but it is Taimo (a kind of Okinawa Potate). It is a Taimo of a hidden special product in Kin town, a Cafe restaurant Chouraku that makes such delicious cuisine delicious . Okinawa’s cuisine only tasted in here. And Taimo pie and cheesecake are perfect for souvenirs too! Even travelers of repeaters who like Okinawa, it is a cafe restaurant with little known well.

The cafe restaurant Chouraku is located in the residential area of Kin town. It is a bit confusing place, so I recommend you to look it up in advance. When entering the residential area, the entrance of Chouraku came into sight.

The entrance of Chouraku

You can enjoy a beautiful ocean view from the inside of the Chouraku. If it is sunny, you can enjoy your meal while watching the really beautiful sea.

View of the sea in Okinawa seen from inside the shop

Well, the menu of Chouraku is like this. It is easy to understand with pictures. As it is a cafe restaurant, the sweets menu looks delicious.

The food menu of Chouraku

The sweet menu of Chouraku

Of course I ordered Taimo-zen specialties of Kin town this time. Taimo-zen full of Potate special dishes can be tasted only at Chouraku.


Well, Taimo-zen came. It is a very delicious meal, such as rice crackers, squids of mushrooms, Mujijiru, rice dumplings, and the fried potatoes. Especially mujijiru is soup made from potate stems and I ate for the first time. It was a delicious soup which was easy to eat with white leaves and taste. The other potato dishes such as Okinawa’s unique potato dishes are good, the taste is soft, elegant and polite taste truly. I understand why it has long been loved locally.

There are many other Okinawan cuisines unique to Chouraku. Tebichi set meal is also soft and delicious.

Tebichi set meal

We also have “Tofu-yo Pasta” sauce made from tofu-yo made from aged cave in the limestone cave, and Western food menu popular with locals. My child is favorite pasta of Chouraku. Children are fine.


Taimo pie and Taimo cheesecake are recommended for souvenirs
Taimo of Kin town has its own flavor and stickiness, and it is characterized by gentle sweetness. Taimo cheesecake is exquisitely combined with its unique tenacity and sweet rich cheese. Taste is rich, flavorful Taimo Cheese cake is also perfect for souvenirs! Actually, my father loves it, and when I bring it to a souvenir, he was eating it after dinner. It is recommended for a rich cheesecake, a souvenir to eat even at the age of 70 years old.

There is also a Taimo pie that burns fragrantly wrapped in a flavored Taimo in an unbelievable pie cloth. Of course, in Chouraku, you can eat it in dessert. Taimo cheesecake on the left side and Taimo pie on the right side.

Taimo cheesecake and Taimo pie

Of course, you can buy it in the hall inside the shop. Please eat Taimo pie in the shop and take it home for a souvenir to an important person.

Taimo pie

Taimo cheesecake

About Cafe restaurant Chouraku
It is the café restaurant Chouraku that you can eat deliciously such hidden famous products Taimo raised with clean spring water in Kin town, Taimo, such Taimo dishes and sweets. Taimo pie and Taimo cheesecake are also perfect for souvenirs. Hidden masterpiece you know, Taimo cheesecake. I am looking forward to repeaters who have come to Okinawa many times. While watching the beautiful sea of Okinawa, you can enjoy Taimo cuisine which can only be eaten in Chouraku, and you can get a good souvenir.

the beautiful sea of Okinawa from Chouraku

  • Address:
    904-1201 4348-15 Kin, Kin town, Okinawa
  • Telephone: 098-968-7666
  • Open 11:00~16:00
  • Closed: Tuesday
  • Car parking: There is a parking lot in front of the shop
  • Price: 1,000 yen ~ 2,000 yen

Cafe restaurant Chouraku is here ↓

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