Chatan Mihama Sunset Beach with a beautiful setting sun, here is recommended if you play in Chatan

Chatan Mihama Sunset Beach with a beautiful setting sun, here is recommended if you play in Chatan
Last time I introduced Chatan Mihama American Village. Chatan Mihama area filled with delicious cafés, bars and taverns, sundries and various souvenirs, the charm of Okinawa sightseeing is tight. This time I would like to introduce Chatan Mihama Sunset Beach, a very beautiful beach. How is the photo above? It is a picture taken with a smartphone in the evening on a sunny day in winter. You can enjoy a beautiful sunset as it is the name of Sunset Beach. As long as it is sunny, you can take pictures of the beautiful sunset in summer, winter, and any season. If you enjoy shopping and cafe in Chatan, please also visit this Mihama Sunset Beach.

But the beautiful sea is not just the sunset. It is really beautiful both in the morning and the day, even in summer or winter. This is Chatan Mihama Sunset Beach in the winter of February. Can you believe it?

Chatan Mihama Sunset Beach in winter 1

Chatan Mihama Sunset Beach in winter 2

Chatan Mihama Sunset Beach in winter 3

Can you believe it? These pictures are Okinawa in winter of February. It is a beautiful beach that is warm even in winter, if the weather is fine. It is a pity that I can not quite tell you the charm of this beach with photos alone. So I shoot movies once. I hope you feel the atmosphere even a bit …

After all the sound of the waves is good. You see surfing practice and how children are playing on the beach. Even in Okinawa in winter of February, you can swim when it is sunny (lie). But it is warm enough to swim.

You can also enjoy barbecue at Chatani Mihama Sunset Beach. In the summer, a smell like delicious meat burning is drifting around. Actually on this day, the group of college students had barbecue even in February. It looks delicious like meat burning, is the real thrill of barbeque. I’m a little envious. . . If you would like to enjoy barbecue at Mihama Sunset Beach, . Equipment and food are included in the set fee, so you can come and enjoy barbecue by hand.

 the group of college students had barbecue

Chatan Mihama Sunset Beach information
About 1 hour by car from Naha airport, Chatan Mihama area where you can find delicious cafés and bars in Okinawa, interesting sundries and souvenirs. Toilets and showers are also in place, so many people swim in the summer and enjoy the barbecue. It is also so beautiful in winter. Because beautiful pictures can be taken, it is the beach that I want you to come. You can take Okinawa-like photos that shine in instagram or SNS.

If you want to know more about the beautiful beaches of Okinawa, these books are recommended

I introduce the books that I actualy bought as reference. As for "Okinawa beach great 505", I often admire that he has studied only this much, and many beaches of Okinawa are introduced with photos. "Okinawa Snorkeling Guide" is featured 50 points carefully selected for beginners to enjoy. I also want to swim all seas. I will do my best to make it possible.

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